Quick Update

We went to a music festival in London this past weekend called Field Day.

It rained the whole time and it was pretty dizzamn cold, but we had dorky rain ponchos so we stuck it out because we were having a BLAST! I’ve never been to a festical in the UK before, so it felt very apropriate to be stuck in the pouring rain with thousands of like minded people.

I saw Laura Marling (again. I’m becoming obsessed!). Once again, a great show.

Also Noah and The Whale, who are quickly gaining popularity since I saw them briefly at SXSW.

Lightspeed Champion; Howling Bells; Jeff Lewis, Efterklang, The Mae Shi (wicked)…

of Of Montreal, who aren’t my favorite band but they’re always doing crazy stuff up on stage, like bizarre cultish rituals, or staged fights between a mime and a guy in a donkey mask….

Les Savy Fav. Again, not one of my favorite bands musically, but the lead singer is crazy to watch. He strips, throws shoes at the audience, throws beer cans, tells jokes, spews water into the air, borrows hats from people in the crowd, etc. Quite a spectacle.

A crazy UK band called Filthy Dukes. When they first started to play I felt like my dad, thinking “What the heck is this racket?” But it quickly grew on me and I was jumping around and having a blast. It’s electro/techno/indie with hip-hop thrown in courtesy of Master Shortie (who is adorable, BTW), and well worth a listen (IMO).

We stuck it out from 12pm until 9pm, but left just before Foals. I am sure I’ve heard of them, but I don’t actually know their music, and we were just too tired after having stood up in the rain alllll day long!!! And the bathroom lines were almost ONE HOUR long, so that was a pretty good argument to leave early.

All in all, it was a great day. I love it in London. If only it weren’t so expensive!!!

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7 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Jayne says:

    oo sounds fun! i’ve always wanted to go to a music fest, the brit ones are always known to be super eccentric & it definitely seems like you had a crazy awesome time! i know what you mean about bands have such bizarre stage prescence that it makes it all worth it even if you’re not musically inclined to like the band, in fact, sometimes bands with no charm on stage can almost totally ruin their good music for me (ex. the Killers are a terrible live concert, but great music). have you been to topshop yet?

  2. Jayne says:

    you must go to topshop (the one on oxford circus, its 3 floors!) just for the experience! and hey, you may find something worth splurging on 🙂

    I’ve heard the shins are definitely not worth a live show. I’ve definitely seen some really intriguing shows as of late:
    -Damien Rice tells 10yr long stories with no point, but they’re hilarious. He also plays for like 2hours straight is on time and fairly nice. And he typically likes to invite a girl from the audience up to reenact the song “Cheers Darlin'” about a girl he spent the night getting trashed with & then she admitted she had a bf, so he actually GETS DRUNK DURING THE SHOW! He had like 4 glasses of red wine in 10mn, and then he wanted to see if the girl he invited up would sing another song with him but she couldn’t sing so some random guy shouts “I’ll sing with you damien!” and he turns out to be this guy who looks like an accountant, but he had an awesome voice haha!
    -I also saw the Swell Season (aka Glen Hansard of the Frames & his gf Marketa Irglova, they won the best song at the oscars this yr, they’re in the film “once”) They were amazing! really down to earth, really charismatic, told great funny stories, and sounded amazing live
    -Franz Ferdinand prances around stage its really hilarious, they’re so cocky
    – I also loved Rogue Wave, its so cool to see how their songs are actually made, b/c when you can see it live you see just who is singing back up (oddly enough sometimes its the drummer) and how they create the awesome opening to “lake michigan” (they have like 3band members on the drums at one time, including the drummer) and the one guitarist jumps around constantly haha

    sorry that was so long, but i’ve had some great experiences!

  3. kiki says:

    glad you are having fun

  4. LmL says:

    no fair! just bought the laura marling CD and have been playing it nonstop – she has a haunting beautiful voice. noah and the whale are so much fun!

  5. blue hearts says:

    I’m a big rogue wave fan too. Recently, datarock and nada surf have been favs of mine. Birthday massacre has been growing on me too.

  6. Heather says:

    Awwh! That sounds so fun, minus the rain…I really like Of Montreal, and Rogue Wave. I just went to a pretty cool music fest here in the city…not as cool as London! lol.
    Glad you’re having fun!!! 🙂

  7. molly says:

    wow a musical festival in london! thats aweesome, wish i couldve been there

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