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hurricaneMy friend and I were just talking about that movie, The Hurricane, staring Denzel Washington. It’s a mesmerizing biopic of the life of Rubin Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder. The title song, Hurricane, was written as a political protest song by Bob Dylan in 1976. Actually, I recommend the whole album, if you like Bob Dylan. It’s an incredible movie, and one that really makes you want to “get up and do something”—know what I mean?

giaAnd then a few days ago I Netflixed Gia—loved it. I’m sure all you fashion-savvy bloggers out there have already seen it, but I hadn’t, and it was crazy good. Angelina Jolie was still relatively unknown when the movie was made, and she did a good job as the wild, heroin-addicted, lesbian supermodel. I mean, what actor wouldn’t want to get their hands on a role like that?!

audreyBiopic’s aren’t always successful. I can think of a few right now, but I’m gonna bring up Jennifer Love Hewitt as our beloved Audrey Hepburn in The Audrey Hepburn Story. Uh… it just didn’t do it for me. Maybe since it was made-for-tv they couldn’t put enough money into making it good?—but Gia was made-for-tv, right? In any case, sorry Ghost Whisperer, but I don’t think you did justice to the epitome of Hollywood royalty.

…What am I getting at? Ah, yes:

Who would you like to see a biopic made of?

Living or dead. Male or female. Nice/generous, or a total asshole. You choose!
And for bonus points: who would you cast in this brilliantly spellbinding flick?

I’m already having a hard time coming up with someone, but a few of my contenders:
Cindy Sherman
Debbie Harry
Gene Tierney

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16 Responses to Friday Poll Topic

  1. jayne says:

    oo have not seen gia but have heard of it and will check it out

    i watched the audrey hepburn story in 4th grade, it seemed good to me then, but no doubt a revisit would probably prove the crap acting that is that of jennifer love hewitt

    oo they’re actually supposedly making a biopic of debbie harry with kirsten dunst. apparenty harry approves too

    hmm I’d like to see a biopic of zelda fitzgerald, apparently sienna was interested in one

  2. sewing break!

    debbie harry would be amazing for a biopic, I agree.

    I would like to see another Gia made, although I loved Gia – the movie, if you borrow my bio book on her, you will see there is SO much more to her life, they basically consolidated 3 of her main lovers into 1 composite character in the film and of course lots of other details.

    I want a bio made of my life, and I want to see the ending -now!

  3. I remember watching Gia in college–it was the first time I’d ever seen Angelina Jolie. I couldn’t believe how pretty she was.

    A biopic… hmm. I’d take a 6-hour BBC Jane Austen biopic. None of this Anne Hathaway nonsense.

    And I totally agree about JLH as Audrey Hepburn. Not even close!

  4. Summer says:

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  5. Meg says:

    Whatever happened to JLH? She was one of the it-girls in the 90’s but when did the love story between her and the world fizzle out? Ah, the untold mysteries of the universe. Seriously though, why does anyone feel the need to create any biopic about Audrey Hepburn, or any moviestar – just watch their films! I’d like to watch a biopic of Debbie Harry though, I have a flatmate who is obsessed with her to the point of wearing Debbie Harry tees on a frequent basis….Or Queen Victoria, I have a lot of unanswered questions about her.

  6. Fashion Ivy says:

    I always wanted to see Gia. I loved The Hurricane

  7. Modern Marie says:

    i dont think audrey, lucy, marlyn or grace should ever have a biopic, it would just ruin “it” you kno? hmmm a debbie harry movie would be good…

  8. rollergirl says:

    I never saw Gia but I love the book. Apparently someone’s making a film about Polly Mellen! This I DO wanna see…

  9. Kate says:

    Debbie Harry would be interesting and actually Angelina would make a good biop in the future!

    On the male front a revisit to Montgomery Clift would give someone a good role and for a total arshehole how about Nicholas Cage!

  10. WAT says:

    We need a really really good John Lennon biopic. One that perhaps examines the last days of his life? As tragic and depressing as that sounds, it would certainly be dramatic.

  11. kiki says:

    no way……… jlh I don’t know what they were thinking i mean just ughh also I didn’t think the movie was very accurate. debbie harry would be great

  12. Heyy Alex, how’s everything !!
    I was really busy, but i’m backin’ to see blogs.
    I’m glad u still bloggin’
    Greetings and kisses !!

  13. Seraphine says:

    Without a doubt,
    I’d watch a biopic
    about Madonna.

  14. All great movies and great question….hmmmm…..Let me get back to you but YES I SECOND MADONNA

  15. Tad Richards says:

    There was an Audrey biopic. Anyone want to guess who played Audrey?

    What? No loud chorus of “Jennifer Love Hewitt”?

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