Five by Five!

Five by five is one of those random 80’s sayings that I don’t get but I just love (does it mean “high five?”). Like, how people used to say “Outtie 5000” in the ’90’s, & Samantha says “Aces” in 16 Candles… what are some of your favorite ‘greetings’?

But I’m getting sidetracked already.

Ashcan Rantings tagged me a while back with these lists of 5 things, and I’m going to take the challenge now, since it’s too yucky outside today to think of anything else to say:

5 Things found in my bag: Mp3 player (usually playing the SXSW mix I made in Austin); Kleenex (my allergies this year are INSANE in the membrane); a bottle of water (“hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”); scotch tape and Back Talk postcards; awesome Ray Bans I stole from my sister.

5 Favorite Things in my room: I’m going to broaden the search to include my living room, because we live in a teensy NYC apartment, and in my bedroom is: my bed. That’s about it. Sooo… 5 fave things in my living room: my favorite lamp (I wanted it for 2 years but couldn’t figure out where to put it, but then decided to buy it anyway); our record collection w/ such gems as the Jane Fonda Workout Record, ELO, Cyndi Lauper, Christmas with The Smurfs…; my old skool Nintendo NES (Dr. Mario is the best game ever); cuisour art collection (it’s small but it’s growing, and I love it all); and my Cuisinart.

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do:
Volunteer abroad (more on that topic later!!!); take a glass-blowing class (it looks like the coolest thing ever!!!); wear outrageous clothes and not feel self-conscious; learn how to make sushi; run a marathon (and not feel winded after the first fifty yards!).

5 Things that I am currently into:
my kitty-cats; make-a-plates (we have a huge stack that we’re about to send in!); Gossip Girl (although I’ve missed a couple episodes, so no spoilers please!); cooking with Tempeh; bright, shiny, glorious glitter.

5 Impressions on Ashcan Rantings (who tagged me): She is constantly introducing me to AWESOME music, and reminding me of old faves; she’s obsessed with Prince & proud of it; her posts are always colorful and make me feel happy; she’s totally unique and into her own psychadelia; she’s not afraid to love the Olsens.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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15 Responses to Five by Five!

  1. StilettoSecrets says:

    Ummm yeah, am I getting those Ray Bans back ever??
    Isn’t 5 by 5 what Faith said in Buffy all the time? It’s like a military term, right? Or is it hocky? No that’s 5 for fighting – which is a band name too, right? oookay, tangent girl, that’s enough of that…
    Penny looks cute!

  2. Andy says:

    That’s not a cat! It’s a fluffy bag filled with 15lbs of lard.

    And I should point out that the Cuisnart is in the living room because the living room and the kitchen are the same place. (She said it was a tiny apartment, what do you expect?)

    Laters (I’m outtie 5000!)

  3. Amy says:

    I always thought it was Audi 5000 after the car… 5 by 5 still baffles me though…

  4. jayne says:

    sadly i’m a 90s child and don’t know any of these cool greetings 🙁 haha well except, “Whazzz up!?” ewww, or wait a minute didn’t that come out in the 2000s, ugg

  5. Faith! AS soon as I read 5×5, thats what I thought of. They SO should have made a spin off with her.

    I want to where outrageous things courageously as well. Usually I find a drink or two before getting dressed helps. and in that case, it also helps if you are getting up after 12.

  6. Miss V. says:

    Hey! It’s been a long time since I last visited, glad you’re still posting 🙂

    Aww, your cat is really cute! And trust me, making sushi is really easy! We make sushi for Christmas every year (lol don’t ask why).

  7. Modern Marie says:

    haha i love your 5X5! my mom and i used to make sushi all the time – its really not that hard, someone just descibed to us how to make it. plus i guess time after time of sitting at a sushi bar, we have seen them make it lol 🙂

  8. molly says:

    oohh thanks for the kind words 🙂
    i was completely befuddled by the “outtie” thing as well!

  9. Celise says:

    Okay, just so we can set the record straight, 5 by 5 would be like saying everything’s cool, everything’s all right, we’re good. As for favorite phrasings, I find myself saying “Alllrightythen” a lot, and when I’m trying to cut down on the cussing, I say “holy mother of bubble gum.”

  10. draven says:

    i say “snap”. its like saying oh my god or day-um, i cant belive that happened.

  11. Meg says:

    People don’t say ‘insane in the membrane’ enough anymore. Really. And old-school Mario is the only one worth playing!

  12. Heather says:

    Hmm..sometimes I just like making up words. 🙂

  13. You’ve been linked 🙂

  14. Seraphine says:

    I’m afraid of hot stuff and sharp edges. I could never work blowing glass or making things out of metal. I get enough cuts and burns in my own kitchen. Even when I try very hard to avoid accidents, they just happen to me.
    So instead of glass-blowing, I’d probably choose something vaguely similar like pottery. I don’t mind making a mess, and if I burn myself on the kiln, I can always pretend it’s just like baking a cake.

  15. i thought if Faith right away with 5×5…but I’m a Buffy dork.

    anyway….I may have to steal this for my bloggy blog

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