A few new things

FIRST of all: what happened to spring? It was here for a few days, then I went out of town, and when I came back it was gone! Who stole spring from me?! Grrr.

Speaking of being out of town, I just went to Santa Fe, NM to visit my lovely parents. dress
It was a blast. I looooove Mexican food. I can’t live without it. Yummy margaritas, peaceful scenery, my parents cuddly dogs—it always inspires creativity. I did a little shopping and bought an adorable dress at Target for $20. God, I love that store. I also just ordered a dress online (on sale, too!). What do you think of it?

It might look terrible on me, but it’s pretty and summery, and it made me smile.

I would also like some opinions/thoughts on these shoes. At first glance I didn’t like them, but they’re growing on me. It’s a unique style. And I seem to be really into purple these days.

OH! Before I forget: When I was in New Mexico I was channel surfing one day, and landed on a network called G4 where I watched a marathon of Unbeatable Banzuke. It is the BEST show ever—I’m not exaggerating.

You will be immediately hooked. They show tons of ridiculous competitions on tricky slolem-type courses that you have to complete on a unicycle, or walking on your hands, or on a pogo stick, or being pushed in a wheelbarrow. A massive time suck, but brilliant.

One last thing. Andy and I saw The Dodos last night at Mercury Lounge. They are AMAZING! Their album is great (check out the video for FOOLS on YouTube), but seeing them live was even better. They’re incredibly talented (and super hot, too!)

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15 Responses to A few new things

  1. Seraphine says:

    I love watching crazy television shows too. I’m attracted to Japanese television for that reason. It’s fun being silly, and seeing silly. It’s different than seeing children’s shows which are also silly. It’s hard to explain why. Maybe it’s the fact people try so hard to win, even knowing it’s silly? It’s performance art.

  2. Olivia says:

    I love the dress.! It made me smile, too. (: I might just go over there and steal it.! I love Target, too, mostly because they have Jovovich-Hawk. But their other stuff is really nice, too, and it’s usually cheap (unlike the Saks Fifth Ave I visited in New York City). Those shoes are amazing, btw. And crazy television shows is something that I’m a huge fan of. (:

  3. Adele says:

    tell me about it… spring is non exisitant here! snowing yesterday!

  4. Celise says:

    Cute dress. I’d buy one, too! Shoes are a pretty color but they look painful. And they have some crazy ass shows on the Spanish channel. LOL. I like the Spanish novellas.

  5. aisha says:

    The dress is cute I can definitely picture you in it, i bet it’ll look good.
    Mexican food is great, but you really have to try peruvian food , it’s as good 🙂 (but not on the peruvian restaurants that exist in the USA, because if you try it there, you won’t like it at all)


  6. love the shoes, totally up my alley. Speaking of purple, Coach just came out with a Purple Patent bag that I am dying for.

  7. Heather says:

    You better get those shoes!!! I love ’em, but I’m not sure how they’d work for me, ya know what I mean? I love the color, but don’t really have anything they’d go with unless it’s white or black, anddd I’m not good at walking in heels what-so-ever, but those ones don’t look toooooo excrutiating. lol.

  8. molly says:

    i LOVE those shoes!
    i didnt even need time for them to grow on me
    i just staight up love them!

  9. Modern Marie says:

    LOVE target too! they’re launching thier own go international line sunday – looks awesome!

    cute shoes – i say get them 🙂 i really like the dress u ordered too – hope it works out 😀

  10. Alexa says:


    I work at TARGET! And I haven’t seen that dress! Where did you stash it? Haha.

    Yes, it is COLD. Spring, where are you? Baseball’s here, but the warmth is gone…=( Hehe.

    That’s a hot dress though. I like it. I should look for it at my store, see if they have something similar.

  11. Sara says:

    I absolutely love those purple shoes they have an old vibe to them, with a more modern color.

    x sara o

  12. jayne says:

    totally know what you mean about spring. it keeps snowing in effing MN!

    mexican food! YUM!

    cute dress, it’ll def look fab on you 🙂

    love the shoes, quite unique, go for it!

  13. YES on the shoes. Perfect for RIGHT NOW!

  14. kiki says:

    I love the dress i am so glad spring is coming the high is 72 degrees here today

  15. alex says:


    those shoes are amazing!
    i see where your coming from with them growing on you!!!

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