If you haven’t seen this, watch it now!!!

ps-last night I saw the worst show ever called Quarterlife. pic
It’s like a bad TV version of Reality Bites (which I looooove), complete with whiny Winona Ryder character and brooding Ethan Hawke character. They even use some of the exact same lines from Reality Bites, and the rest of their conversations are trite. Oh, but it’s really “hip” and “now” because it’s all about blogging—they even have webisodes online. Bleh. Sorry, I probably sound really mad and agro. I had high hopes since it’s by the people who made My So Called Life, but this was just baaaad!

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17 Responses to If you haven’t seen this, watch it now!!!

  1. SHE?FAHSHUN says:

    Agree: Quarterlife sucked big time..My so called life was such a good show too..but since it was cancelled after one season [:(] i am now addicted to degrassi on the-n!

  2. alex says:


    (ya just gotta say “awww” after seeing that!)

    that was amazing.

    fo shizzzz

  3. I didn’t watch it but I heard how horrible it was this morning on some blogs! hahaha! aw, reality bites is such a fond memory.

  4. letitia says:

    yessss, the bf showed it to me..hilarious right!

  5. aisha says:

    It sucks, but the video won’t work for me, it stops when the girl says “Well…”. I’ll give it a try later for sure (:

    Fortunately I haven’t watched Quarterlife 😉


  6. jayne says:

    “you don’t mess with darth vader b/c he’s gonna getcha” haha!

  7. Modern Marie says:

    oh my gosh that little girl is tooo cute! i love it!

  8. WAT says:

    Your review of QUATERLIFE is dead on, even tho I DIDN”T see it, but I trust your viewpoints on these DAWSON CREEK type shows. The already bad and over-the-top GOSSIP GIRL makes the grade because it’s so good at being bad, but some shows like this one sound like they’re trying to hard and not as damn cool to get away with it like DAWSON’S CREEK did or GG is doing now.

    OH KATI HOLMES! You sucked then and I loved bagging on you, but now you’re just a bizarre android that I can’t really say much about except you give me the creeps.

  9. stilettosecrets says:

    fyi – quarterlife was canceled after that first episode, guess we’re not the only ones that thought it SUCKED!!

  10. Shan says:

    cool! now i don’t need to watch that movie.. lol
    so freaking adorable!

  11. Celise says:

    I LOVE JORDAN CATALANO!!! I got a chance to meet Jared Leto in person and it’s hard to believe that a person’s eyes are really that round. It’s the first thing you see when you look at him.

  12. Seraphine says:

    Alex, why do you want me to watch a show that’s so bad?

  13. kayla says:

    i luv that youtube vid…so cute!
    p.s.new post

  14. Adele! says:

    aaaww how adorable! she has the cutest lil voice and i love her accent lmao i didnt understand much of what she was saying though haha awww/xx

  15. Maggie says:

    Quarterlife is like what would happen if the characters from My So-Called Life grew up but remained exactly as self-involved and self-indulgent as they were when they were 15. It made me cringe.

  16. I tried to watch it too….I felt old and tired.

    I still have a major angst ridden crush on Ethan Hawke though…is that bad?

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