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FashionWeekFASHION WEEK! If you’re not already tracking it, go to Style.com for a look at the runway shows. There are some amazing collections. My favorites so far are Proenza Schouler and Rodarte. The Proenza Schouler collection is dark and dramatic but uses lots of contrasting fabrics to lighten it up (at least, that’s what it looked like to me!!). And the sisters behind Rodarte made some of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve ever seen. I want one!

2.She and Him.

zooeyI was looking at StereoGum and heard Zooey Deshanel’s new single with M. Ward. Their band is called She and Him. The album’s not out yet, but you can listen to the Mp3 here at Merge Records. It’s a cute, fun song and Zooey has such a great voice. Fans of Jenny Lewis will really like this. I think they’re playing at SXSW, which I would kill to go to and see tons of great bands!!! Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.


watchI may sound like an old lady for bigging up a heart monitor watch, but this one from the Bliss catalog sounds really cool.
Haven’t you ever wanted to know how many calories you burned after walking fifty blocks, or climbing a flight of stairs? You can also program the amount of calories you want to eat per day, and if you exceed that amount the watch tells you! Okay, that part might get really annoying.
Sorry, I totally sound like an infomercial, don’t I? Ooops!


fish1 Doctor Fish. Apparently in Southern China people use tiny fish (nicknamed “Doctor Fish”) to eat dead skin cells of their bodies. Gross!!! I’m all for beauty rituals but I think I would vomit if fish were sucking away at my flesh. Call me crazy.

5.You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but this video is really funny. Japanese game shows are so insane.
Thanks for playing!!!

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  1. jayne says:


    and damn, the watch does sound super cool haha

  2. Eep! I’m afraid of those doctor fish. What if they don’t stop at dead skin cells???
    I didn’t know Zooey sang as well as acting, being a fashion inspiration and so on, she is one talented lady (her and the model Irina should be friends).
    Rodarte was love. Proenza too.

  3. Shaira says:

    Doctor Fish?! ew. why not just use an exfoliator, you know?!

  4. andy says:

    Hmmm.. Human Tetris or Insect Battles? What a great choice of TV they have in Japan!

  5. kiki says:

    I hate it my cousin is half japanesse and her skin is great it must be a gene that runs through ancesters or maybe it could be doctar fish i have never met a person of asian decent with bad skin 🙁

  6. haha im trying so hard to study for my archaeology exam but i am so distracted by all the fashion week collections. well since im a fashion major its not necessarily procrastinating right?

  7. kiki says:

    Oh if he does i might boycott the show well not that i could i mean a 12 step program would be in order

  8. Tiff says:

    yay! i love Zooey Deshanel’s voice!!! so lovely. thanks for letting me know, i might have to buy the album when it comes out.

    speaking of…i can’t stop listening to the soundtracks for ‘juno’ and ‘once.’ you should have yourself a listen. 🙂

    ewwwww i didn’t even realize there were FISH in that pic until i read what you wrote! ew ew ew ick. no thank you. i will put that right up there with mud baths. i’ll pass.

    how’s the new book coming???

  9. Zoe Deschanel has a band?! where the fuck have I been?

  10. Clair says:

    Zooey Deschanel rocks!! Doctor fish? EWWWW.

  11. molly says:

    doctor fish???? id liked to say “EWWWWWWW” but then i realized that the japanese are so far ahead of us, in like ten years, we’ll probably all be going in for doctor fish treatments like we would a massage
    HELL YES you should watch purple rain again! itll get you stoked for the times grammy performance!

  12. miss woo says:

    I have to check out She and Him!

  13. funsizesnack says:

    it’s been awhile! I’m glad to hear you’re still spreading the word on back talk…i hope it’s flying off the bookshelves 🙂

    thanks for letting me know about Zooey’s new band. She’s tied with Angelina for my #1 girl-crush, which was not an easy feat. I’ve been wanting her to come out with an album since I heard her in Elf! My finger has flopped off the pulse of pop culture so I depend on savvy people/blogs like you to help me out!

  14. Raisa says:

    That ‘doctor fish’, sorry to say that, but it’s pretty gross =S
    I love Zooey :), specially her hair , gotta listen her new song ;), thanks for telling us about it


  15. Seraphine says:

    I love LOVE the Proenza, but the colors
    seem muted for a spring collection. I’m
    readyreadyready for spring and some
    color on the runway. Rodart is much
    better, beautiful really. Those little fish,
    providing they don’t have teeth, might
    be fun but I’d definitely wear my bottoms.

  16. Olivia says:

    I seen that video before it was so funny like the people are going to fit in a tiny cartoon shaped hole.

  17. Kate says:

    Ref point 3 – I have got one and it is so useful and great. Seriously I’m with you on this one and usually I’m just yakking on about fashion.

  18. Celise says:

    LOL. You know what’s funny? I remember watching an episode of Ugly Betty and there was mention of that type of fish. Do you watch that show? Vanessa Williams’ character was trying to get with the president of the magazine and she found out that he has a thing about soft feet, so she had her assistant, Mark (who’s utterly hysterical) hunt those fish down. I love that show. It was a great episode. It sounds lovely. I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  19. LindaBudz says:

    Great video. Love those game shows.

    I just watched a documentary on Caligula, and apparently he liked to swim with fish and let them bite him, but with him it was (of course) a sexual thing. Hmm.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. If you haven’t already checked out the King of Kong DVD special features, you must … there’s a clip devoted entirely to Billy’s hair!

  20. OMG, that fish thing is so disturbing.

  21. Modern Marie says:

    YESSS!!! i have been waiting for the much anticipated zooey deschanel music project! i have to go listen immediatley – if u say shes like jenny lewis, then that means i will looooVVEEEEE it! and word is that jenny is back in the studio working on her 2nd solo album, oh how excited i am!!!!!!!!

  22. ashley says:

    proenza and rodarte were my favorites too, what great shows!

    ps i finally got a links list together…not allowed to link from my fashion site (blog.pricegrabber.com/chicshopper) but i linked you at my personal journal (http://lilrock-n-roll.livejournal.com/profile)

  23. Adele! says:

    lol i have reallyyy bad skin… so i think i would put up with fish sucking if it was certain to do good lol! but that chinese girl looks like shes quite enjoying it!

  24. that fish pic makes me seriously sick. I don’t want anything swimming that close to me. I heart zooey, I finally caught up with the antm special eppy. I love how it was mostly recap of old episodes but I loved seeing a few of the girls and what they looked like now. Tyrant needs to do more reunion shows.

  25. Wendy says:

    You are so right, Japanese game shows are wild! I find some of the games too crazy but still hilarious.

  26. WAT says:

    You just made me laff out loud with the fish anecdote. Yeah, sounds purty gross having dem things eating off ya like parasite leeches or something. Not appealing to me at all either.

    The Japanese are insane! INSANE! Ya gotta love them tho, and a visit to their country sounds really really fascinating!

  27. Seraphine says:

    I finally got around to listening to Zooey Deshanel’s song!
    It’s awesome. I’m sitting here, rocking out, listening.

  28. Lynn says:

    Oh my gosh, I love Zooey. Thanks for mentioning that! I’m going to check it out right now.

  29. Gledwood says:

    Darling, forgive my retardation but what IS a “YA writer”…

    … do I not know because I’m British? Or because I’m stupid.

    OK don’t tell me because I’m both ha-har!

    Hmmm. Right. Fashion. Well at least we’re not stuck in an era like the dreaded late 90s. American fash is highly wearable and utilitarian and commercial. Unlike the French couture shows, which look like a graduate’s finals project. Or the British couture shows. Which look like a fashion graduate’s finals on acid. By the end of the 90s everyone was so tired of that “caring sharing” crappy vibe and we were all tired of seeing fall/winter collexions full of Calvin Klein models in the same silhouette every year… guess what! In more mushroom coloured clothes. Big wow!!

  30. Gledwood says:

    Hey the Human Tetris: hope you don’t mind by “purloining” this for my Japanese Blog… of course I gave your name and linkback… ta!

  31. Gledwood says:

    O¬! Thanx for telling me I’d never have guessed that… Young Adult I bet you could say that is a MOST under-appreciated genre… am I right?

    I’m sposed to be doin’ a novel. Not doin’ it though. I need to do draft 2 which will basically be a total write it again from the start with same characters, same theme, different story…

    I’m also writing my memoirs…

    … as for your diet… hey maybe I’ll put up some of my jazzy salad recipes I used to have… they were pretty yumsome… yummier than a lotta cooked shyte…


    Sorry I don’t know the title you mentioned tho…

  32. Vi says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to submit to our blog book and would be very grateful if you could also pimp us, to let more blogger know what we are doing!


    Vi x

  33. Loved the Japanese game show video–is it too horrible of me to admit I laughed out loud every time the contestants failed miserably? Just couldn’t help it.

  34. pins&needles says:

    I’m super excited for Fashion Week! I’m already behind on the designers.

    Yeah, that’s what fish are doing when your in the water with them. They eat your dead skin cells. Don’t know why, but it was super smart for someone to bank on something that people do not know that fish already do.

    I laughed so hard on that Japanese game show. Those people are desperate for fame in ways that I cannot imagine.

  35. Rachel says:

    Loving your top 5, you have fantastic taste.

    I am a HUGE new fan of your blog, its so cute i have to link it on mine 😀

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