All the good stuff about Thanksgiving


Yesterday I was buying pie crust at the grocery store (yes, I bought a pre-made crust), and I overheard this adorable little five year old girl say to her mom, “Did you know some people call it Turkey Day?”
Isn’t that adorable? I love it when kids start to pick up on things you’ve known about for years, and then they think they’re teaching it to you. Priceless!!!

I love Thanksgiving. The fantastic food goes without saying. I’m going to try making cornbread stuffing. I totally effed it up last year, but I think I learned my lesson, and will make it better this year. And my mom has the greatest recipe for Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes. If you like spicy food, you may want to ask me for the recipe!!!
Oh, and PIE! Lots and lots of pie.

The Macy’s Day Parade is the greatest way to kick off your T-day. parade
Sometimes it’s frickin’ freezing out there, but it doesn’t stop anyone from going. There ar scenes from Broadway shows, incredible giant floats (some of which represent cartoons I’ve never even heard of), they get C-list celebrities to make guest performances, and there’s always a float full of deaf kids singing a song in sign language, which makes me teary eyed with joy, every year. And after the parade comes the Westminster Dog Show. It’s totally bizarre, and yet highly addictive. It always makes me want to rent Best In Show by Christopher Guest.

puzzMy sister and I are really into puzzles. Every year we buy a mystery puzzle and spend the whole day obsessing over it. First you read the very poorly written mystery, making fun of it the whole way through (or spacing out, as I usually end up doing), and then you spend, like, fifteen hours assembling the whole thing, and then you finally solve the ridiculously half-assed mystery. It’s always a let down, and yet, we never stop buying them.

Next on my list:

Best Thanksgiving oriented movies:

*Home for the Holidays (we watch this one almost every year. It never gets old. And Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic)

*Pieces of April (before Katie Holmes went loco, she made this really poignant indie flick about dysfunctional family Thanksgiving. I loved it.)

*A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (because it’s so cute!)

And whether it’s just our immediate family, or a huge crowd of 20 people, I always want to dress up for Thanksgiving. It’s fun to feel festive—know what I mean? (Of course, I keep the PJ’s nearby, for after I’ve stuffed all that food into my tummy). I have my eye on this multi-colored metallic dress from Tibi. It’s kind of hard to tell how cute it is in this picture, but I tried it on at Monmartre and it was very flattering and adorable.
Either that or a cute sweater dress. I like to feel cozy on T-day. And I usually skip the shoes. (What’s the point, if you’re going to be inside all day?) But not the accessories. Thanksgiving should be a very glitzy day, possibly even incorporating a tiara. tiara

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

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20 Responses to All the good stuff about Thanksgiving

  1. Heather says:

    I like “Pieces of April” too. I was a huuuuuge Katie Holmes fan until she married Tom.

  2. Maya says:

    we don’t have thanksgiving here (obviously) but it sounds like so much fun.

  3. Jody says:

    I love pieces of April, I miss the old Katie! Oh and don’t forget Balloon Inflation tomorrow night, that is one up my favorites as well, getting up and close to all those giant cartoon characters while sipping hot chocolate. The mystery puzzle with your sis sounds wonderful even if the mystery itself is totally lame 🙂

  4. Arwen says:

    =S I haven’t seen any of those movies. ;__; One day. xDD

    Wow. That’s a… nice turkey? ^^ Huge, inflatable, the best kind – you don’t need to stuff them, or keep them refrigerated or something.

    Sounds like fun, about the mystery. It’s fun to do that with paintings as well; pick out random details and make fun of the painting. =D

    Well, happy holidays, then! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. kiki says:

    I loved Pieces of Apirl, I might have to go rent that again.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Modern Marie says:

    My mom makes this jalapeno creamed corn – sooooo good!
    i kno i cant wait for the food either!


  7. jayne says:

    hmm maybe i should SEE peices of april, judging by all of the comments in favor of it haha

    have a good t-day! (cute abbreviation), i like the idea of dressing up, never thought about it though b/c thanksgiving for me is the traditional turkey dinner just with my immediate family of four, then we see a movie, this year it’ll be “enchanted” patrick dempsey and princesseses, i’m there!

  8. WAT says:

    Amen. Those Charlie Brown holiday specials, from Halloween to Xmas are what make it all tolerable for me. They really are gems those little cartoons. So sweet, so innocent, with amazing music and fun cool stories.

  9. Celise says:

    We always go to my parents house for T-day. And she does cornish hens, not turkey. And sometimes ham. That’s the one time of the year that I eat a really good meal. Everything else is just, y’know, tv dinners.

  10. Happy Turkey Day to you! I’m going to dress up tomorrow, too. Prolly in my Denver Broncos jersey and velour sweatpants. But I’ll keep my jammies on hand, too!

  11. I am KIDDING! I’m not a football fan, but I wish I was. The in-laws are Broncomaniacs, and if I was too, then they might forgive me for writing a book with a “flaming liberal” protagonist. Or at least for bringing wine over. Last year I forgot my corkscrew and had to use an electric drill and a leatherman tool to open my Pinot Evil! I am NOT kidding!

  12. molly says:

    haha happy “turkey day”
    kids are so cute

    man i had an agatha christie mystery puzzle
    i spent so long trying to solve the mystery on my own and then i realize the solution was on the next page, just upside down or some shit like that
    the good ole days, y’know?

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, one day late.

    I loved this post, adorable.

  14. Samantha says:

    Hope you had a great T-Day, Alex. Any venturing out for bargains today? If so, you must tell us of your “finds” — you have great taste. *Love* the dress, but I agree w/ you about the shoes. I was tempted to wear my crochet Uggs — yes, indoors. LOL You know, when you have a new acquisition, and want to wear it, yet know it’s just downright ridiculous? 🙂

    I love those mystery puzzles too — have seen the one you showed. I agree, they’re ultimately lame, but they sure hook you in the making. 🙂



  15. Seraphine says:

    Beautiful, thoughtful post Alex.
    Happy Thansgiving to you and
    your loved ones. The chiptole
    sweet potatoes sound awesome.

    I love sweet potatoes, but not
    soaked in brown sugar, butter
    and marshmallows. That’s nasty.

  16. riz says:

    This all sounds like so much fun…Wish I were in nyc. Oh yeah Pieces of April – Katie Holmes when she used to be Katie Holmes…

  17. Lindsey says:

    Alex, send me the recipe, please!

  18. sophie says:

    being canadina, my thanksgiving was in october. but hapy thanksgiving to you!
    honestly, i have never heard of a mystery puzzel. but the concept is rather cool. read the book, and then do the puzzel? ingenius!

  19. I love “Pieces of April”!
    Hope you had a nice Thanks Giving!

  20. kittenpower says:

    yep, charlie brown in the best! i have the charlie brown christmas tree in my apt… it’s so cute!

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