Tuesday top 5, baby!

1.First of all, big ups to anyone who ran the marathon on Sunday. Can you imagine doing that? 26 miles? TWENTY-SIX MILES. No way. I’m lucky if I can run two—and that’s with several bouts of speed walking along the way. But it’s great. Very impressive. Except for all the horror stories I hear about blisters, chafed nipples, peeing in your pants! Not fun!

Instead of marathoning, Andy and I went to the movies (Lars & The Real Girl, which was as good as I’d hoped it would be) and we saw tons of marathon runners on the subway in their dorky silver mylar capes, with big bronze medals around their necks. It was very entertaining. Personally, if I’d just run the marathon, you wouldn’t catch me on the subway—somebody would surely treat me to a cab, right? But anyway, it’s a huge feat, so WAY TO GO, runners!

2.Kaching Design
This website was launched by a friend of a friend in San Francisco, but I was checking it out and it’s actually pretty cool! Check out some of the fun, modern designs. I’m really into this shirt, and there are also cute bags, kids T’s, and wall art.

3. Stereo Gum. As you probably know, I am a massive music lover. At work the other day I overheard my cool music-loving coworkers discuss the downsides of Pitchfork Media, so naturally I decided to look for a cooler music news website. As far as I’m concerned, Stereo Gum is it! They’ve got the down-low on all the hip new artists and I’ve been listening to Mp3’s all day. My faves at the mo’ include: Lykke Li, Yeasayer, Black Kids, Justice… and I’m still looking for more.

The Cookie Sandwich Co.
I read about this website on Daily Candy, cookieand my mouth is watering!!! Gourmet cookie sandwiches delivered to my door? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m in love! Flavors include Mint Brownie cookie sandwich, Macadamia Nut Lemon cookie sandwich, Chocolate Truffle cookie sandwich… I know this is very similar to the 24 hour cookie delivery company I mentioned in a top five a few months ago, but as far as I’m concerned, cookies can be on every top five list!

5. My love/hate relationship with Christmas. It’s really more of a love/love relationship. I can’t help it, I love all the music, the decorations, the food, the movies, the presents, the clothes, the warm fuzzy feeling—but there’s a time and a place! It was barely even Halloween when I started hearing Xmas music in the drugstore, and Xmas trees up in storefront windows. Come on people, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet! I think the xmas season should start any time after that. Sounds reasonable, yeah?

ps-My neck is better! Thanks for all your concern, commiseration, and advice.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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22 Responses to Tuesday top 5, baby!

  1. andy says:

    You’re not going to catch me out that easily…. NO XMAS MUSIC UNTIL DECEMBER!!!

  2. alexgirl says:

    Andy, you are such a curmudgeon! I am breaking out the X-mas and holiday themed CD’s the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving. And you can’t stop me!!!! muah-ha-hah!

  3. I love Christmas, I was in A Christmas Carol for many years, it brainwashed me.

    also….your comment on my blog…I ATE OREOS LAST NIGHT!!!!

    maybe that was the problem.


  4. Maggie says:

    Katie Holmes ran the marathon. She didn’t wear a sports bra, and she went out the same night in high heels. I don’t see how that’s possible. Maybe Xenu protects you from chafing? I dunno.

    Stereogum is pretty awesome. Many years ago it was kinda half gossip blog/half mp3 blog. I’m glad they’ve swung more in the mp3 direction.

  5. riz says:

    Those cookies are sick (positive emphasis). And I totally feel you on the Xmas euphoria…thanx for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. You have a fun one…

  6. I just started at that cookie website for like an hour, no Seriously. I drooled over the carrot cake and red velvet sandwich for so so long. I NEED them, I will die without them. Up for a cookie party?

  7. that is a super cute t-shirt (speaking of Christmas, hint hint…hee hee hee)

    I just don’t get the marathon business, I really don’t think I could ever do it, at least not in the alloted time – maybe over a week with time out for naps and cocktails…I think this definitely proves that the Katie Holmes from the Creek is gone and she’s been cloned into some Scientologist superfreak, at least that’s what I’m telling myself to help me sleep at night.

  8. sophie says:

    cookie sandwiches arriving at the door? WHAT could be better than that?

  9. I’ve allways wanted to run the NYC marathon! I’m prepering myself for that, some day!
    The cookies look delicious!

  10. pins&needles says:

    I enjoy Christmas a lot, but starting the season early doesn’t make me like it even more. That’s no good, only after Thanksgiving.

    Those sandwiches look super yummy!

  11. Raisa says:

    Ohmygod, that muffins picture really made me hungry =) I love X-mas too =), the songs, decorations and everything =)

    mwah ♥

  12. Meg says:

    I saw this post and my attention immediately snapped to those cookie sandwiches…even though I just ate 3 Green & Blacks chocolate and walnut brownies. And all I’ve wanted for the past week are brownies.
    Stereo Gum is the best music website. I got the heads up a while back and I’m now addicted.
    Did you see Katie Holmes run the marathon? She wasn’t sweating at the end or anything. Plus she only trained for 3 months. That family is freaking weird.

  13. My sister is loving your book!

  14. Mrs Fashion says:

    I haven’t swung by for a while – sorry – but I missed your blog! And hope your neck is ok?!

    So Bring on Christmas – I love it!!!!!!

    But I must say: Cake? As a sandwich? Only in America as we Brits say.


  15. Modern Marie says:

    oooh! i have to check out that website – i love discovering new music! and those cookies look scrumptious, i want one right now!

  16. ooh i really want to see Lars and the real girl!
    and those cookie sandwiches are making my mouth water… Love the blog!

  17. emma says:

    Why did I have to read this three hours after pledging a serious diet?
    Damn you, Richards, and your cookies too.
    Only joking, I will definitely have to check this out and hate myself later.
    I too have mad respect for the marathon runners.
    I was decidedly NOT one of them…but, hey, I watched it. A bit.

  18. molly* says:

    i cannot ran like a mile and not get tired…. xP.
    oh i like that tee… cool…

  19. thanks for the heads up, I always do stupid crap in my blogs and in public, so you should totally go to cafe frida again. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing because I did not like it at all. I adored the atmosphere though and drank a lot of margaritas and had tons of fun otherwise. We (P and I) just got back from Westside brewing where I overdosed on nachos and cider and now I am cooking up some mulled wine. Seriously, I need rehab. Let meet up for drinks! I admit I am abit scared but excited and know after a few glasses of wine, we will wonder why we never did it sooner.

  20. WendyB says:

    COOKIE SANDWICHES?!? Where have they been all my life?

  21. Kayla says:

    ahhhh those cookie sanwich pics are makin me hungry! anywho i’m glad to hear that Lars and the Real Girl was good. Now I kind of want to look into it. Good post!
    p.s.i have a new post if u want drop by me blog…its always good to hear from you!

  22. Shaira says:

    hey. look at you hooking up your friends – I just ordered the mission birds bag from Kaching. It’s on sale and very cute. I’ve been toting around an inside-out W.H.O. library sack for too long. It’s arriving soon — I’m sure you’ll see me strutting it before I leave for Le France!

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