Ouch to the max

Oh, the pain! The pain!
I pinched a nerve in my neck and am currently in agony, stiff as a board, on the sofa.

It happened at the gym in my aerobics class. Well, that’s kind of a lie. It was at the very end of class when we’d finished all the hard stuff and we were stretching. I heard this POP sound, felt a sharp crack, and suddenly I couldn’t move my head! It’s happened before, and it’ll go away in a few days, but it is so painful. Not just that, it’s completely embarrassing! I can’t turn my head from side to side, or pull clothes over my head. I look like I’m pretending to be a robot. On Halloween we watched scary movies, and my sister kept teasing me and saying “Alex, look over your shoulder, there’s a monster behind you!” But of course I couldn’t. Turning is a full body activity for now.

Maybe it’s just that being bedridden has made me restless, but I suddenly have an insane urge to travel. I want to see, eat, and learn about new things! lodge
Back when I was dreaming up honeymoon destinations I read about this ecolodge in Nicaragua called Morgan’s Rock. They’ve planted 1.5 million trees, and reintroduced formerly extinct animals into the private reserve. Doesn’t that sound cool? Okay, I sound like a pamphlet, but I’m practically drooling thinking about all the hiking, beaches, plants & animals, and the hotel has an infinity pool!!! One of my favorite things ever. As a honeymoon destination, it ended up being too far, not the right season, too expensive, etc. But, get this: my parents are going there later this month! pic They stole my honeymoon!

Am I bitter?

Who, me?


No, really. I’m very excited for them. They had to cancel a long anticipated trip to Montenegro this fall, and this is going to be an awesome adventure for them. They just better bring back a lot of frigging pictures and souvenirs. hint hint.

I’ve also always wanted to go to New Zealand. Maybe not always, but after seeing the sprawling landscapes in Lord of the Rings I was in love. One of my favorite books, The Bone People, by Keri Hulme is all about Maori culture, which is fascinating. I think it’s also a good destination if you’re into sporty things, like sky diving etc… which I’m not sure I am (though I did go bungee jumping once!).

I promise I won’t go on and on, but I want to see the world. Thanks to my culturally inclined parents I’ve been to S. Africa, Zambia & Botswana—that’s when I went bungee jumping. Scary!!!03cc
Italy (Tuscany, Venice, Florence)—what incredible food, art, and architecture.

Greece—I went there with the ‘rents when I was 16, and also by myself when I turned 23 for a 2 week yoga retreat. Traveling alone is intense!

Turkey—not my favorite place. There was a lot of ass grabbing.

Japan—I went to Kyoto and Tokyo w/ my two best friends to scope out the fantastic shopping/fashion, temples, food, and crazy culture. I should post about that trip another time.

There are a million places I still want to go. Endless possibilities. I read a great article on cnn.com about travel destinations that may not last forever. Lots of interesting geographical tidbits.

Anywho, how about you: Where have you been and where are you dying to go?!

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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  1. Gryphon says:

    I don’t care where I go as long as I eventually get to sleep in a yurt.

    P.S. If ass grabbing isn’t your thing don’t ever go to Bhutan

  2. Lisa Asanuma says:

    Eeep, pinched nerves are the worst. 🙁 I hope you feel better soon!

    Really the only place outside of the country I’ve been is Japan, twice (shortly) because I’m half Japanese. I would love to go… well, all over. haha New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Scotland… pretty much anywhere.

  3. Celise says:

    Not as many places as you. We’ve done two cruises and I’ve seen Cozumel, Catalina Island, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Encinada Mexico. My Mom wants to go to Tuscany (I’ll be going on that tript). And evern since I saw “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, I now want to go to Greece. The buildings are such a bright white! And the water looked so beautiful.

    There are many other places I want to go, too, I just can’t think of them all. I was watching Ugly Betty last night and was once again reminded that I need to visit New York. Not only for the crazy cab rides, but the amazing Broadway shows.

  4. I can’t believe the rents stole your honeymoon, they owe you big time in souvenirs. That eco-lodge does look amazing. I am off to Budapest in a few short weeks, yeah!

  5. LaLaLauren. says:

    Poor Alex!
    You’ll feel better.
    i like the look of the place in Nicaragua.
    But they should change the name to something a little more creative, don’t you think?

  6. Modern Marie says:

    wow! u have been to so many spectacular places! your next book should be about your travels lol 🙂
    i’d love to see your pictures!

    and i hope u feel better! i too am in pain, i did something weird to my back in dance class 🙁

  7. I finished reading your great book “Back Talk” and I loved it! I liked how Gemma helped Crystal. And end, the 3 of them eating cake, drinking Dom and talking about boys, loved it!
    Now my sister has the book!
    Is that your first book? Is there going to be more?!

  8. molly says:

    yikes your mom stole your honeymoon! hahaha thats hilarious
    at least you got a funny blog post out of it!
    id post a picture of my groupie outfit..but i didnt get any! my friend didnt have a camera and by the time i got home, my costume was in bad shape…next year for sure!

  9. That is so crazy, right before I clicked on your blog I was looking up travel websites! I’ve definitely got the bug – there ‘s been talk of Egypt w/ M – interested? I’ve got to go somewhere, it’s been too long…

  10. kiki says:

    I hope you feel better!

  11. kiki says:

    typed the wrong name well there goes pen naming

  12. kiki says:

    hop you feel beter

  13. jayne says:

    hope you feel better!

    i’ve been to:
    st. martin/st. marteen (it’s a half french/ half dutch colony in the carribean, we stay on the french side of course- hello pastries! basically i spend the entire week eating french onion soup, reading on the beach, and sleeping- one kickass spring break vacay if i do say so myself)

    barbados ( i find that former english colonies don’t seem to like tourists too much and i nearly drowned in the ocean there…uhh yea not my fav)

    cayman islands (nice friendly, sea turtles, awesome snorkeling, unfortunately the hurricaine really hit it hard soooo i haven’t be back since)

    scotland (the highlands are gorgeous, edinburgh is a fun crazy city, and my family ran into judy dench where we were staying hehe!)

    ireland ( dublin- awesome coffee chain- insomnia hehe great name, good shopping-grafton street, and great cheap ethnic food)

    england (london once- where i visited topshop 3 times in 4 days, had afternoon tea, and saw some gorgeous but morbid paintings @ the national gallery, and then i went to cambridge this past summer for 4wks studying abroad- read shakespeare, saw some of his plays, shopped, visits to the london, dover- you could actually see france it was surreal, and got the final hp book there, that was nuts! im a major anglophile, so i love all of my trips there of course)

    i wanna go to france (i think we’re going this summer b/c im graduating so its kinda a fun trip hopefully invovling paris, provence, and cannes), italy, australia, germany, and maybe even india

  14. molly* says:

    wow travel… i wish i can do more…….


  15. I’m goin’ to Cali, baby, to my brother’s penthouse on Ocean Ave with a view of the Santa Monica Pier and the red-tide beach. Che-yeah!

    Then up to Frisco, and then to the 205, B-ham Alabam.

    Weird itinerary, I know!

    But on the neck, thing? Mine was muscular, and I couldn’t even lie flat in comfort, and my wife still mocks the way I turned my whole body to face the waitress when we went out for dinner. But Valium, baby. Valium and vicodin.
    Vicodin for the pain, and valium for the muscle spasm. I am not kidding. Valium is a miracle. If my neck starts spazing out now, all I do is take 1/2 a diazipam, and I’m chill. Highly addictive, though, so you have to watch it. And don’t drink at the same time. But for my condition, it REALLY helps. Side effects include extreme relaxation, improved attitude, and caffiene resistance. Ask your doctor if Valium is right for you.

    “then you know she had to crash, Valium would have helped that bash . . .”–Lou Reed
    “Doctor, please! Some more of these!” Jagger/Richards

  16. Sorry about the neck,I just did the EXACT same thing only I went back to the gym,and made it worse! I am better now,makes you really appreciate feeling good!
    A road trip to Marfa Texas,thats where I yearn to go,we had to cancel ours because of schedules,but I want a Fall trip to Marfa,gallery lolling around and stayingingroovy boutique hotels!

  17. WAT says:

    And I thought I had it bad with my recent tender swollen painful strained foot. Well, something good has come out of this annoying pinched nerve, and that is the urge to travel! I mean, your parents going to Nicaragua sounds freakin’ fantastic! I never would’ve thought of Nicaragua as a place to visit, but hearing of such a beautiful ecology friendly place makes me very happy and pleased! Latin America needs more tourism, after all the negative press the poor place gets!

  18. ambika says:

    Man, am I sorry about that pinched nerve. I’ve been there & it’s not fun.

    Travel—that place in Nicaragua sounds fantastic. I’m sad that I didn’t spend more time on the mainland in the rainforest of Belize. Maybe next time 😉

    I think the list of places I *want* to go could go on forever. For now I’ve been to most of western Europe (except Portugal & Italy), lived in Prague, and travelled to Belize.

    I’m hoping to make Asia next year.

    You should check out strangebenevolent.blogspot.com. It’s the blog my friends kept when they travelled around the world (including a lengthy stay in New Zealand) for seven months. They just got back 6 weeks ago.

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