Wisconsin top 5

I know, I know. “A Top 5 list about Wisconsin? Am I crazy?” But I had fun there.
(Maggie: this post’s for you!)

1. BOP. One of my favorite, favorite websites is Shopbop.com. It is a heavenly place for us fashion-addicts. Well, apparently the mothership is IN Madison. Imagine my surprise when I was walking around on my first day and suddenly gravitated toward this fashion mecca. Yes, it is pricey, but at least worthy of a little window shopping. I bought the cutest purple dress by Velvet (but I can’t find a pic of it, damn!).

2. Cheese. Man, do I love cheese. Favorites include brie, goat cheese/chevre, gouda—cheese rules. Actually, I didn’t even eat that much cheese while in Cheese Country. But they’re ’bout it, ’bout it, so I thought I should represent le fromage.

3. Museums! Chazen Museum. A great museum next to the university. There was a great photo exhibit about children living in war torn countries. Dismal, but amazing.

bru4. Live music. I’ve always thought going to see live music in New York was the best thing ever, but after seeing The Brunettes at a tiny little venue called High Noon in Madison, I might have to change my mind! The setting was so intimate. It was so much fun! We were in the front row the whole time (well, there only was a front row). They were adorable. We even chatted with them a bit at the end of the show—not something that happens very often ever in NYC. I’m all about small town venues now! Woo hoo.

prairie 5. Famous people! Actually, there are a lot of famous Wisconsinites. To name a few:
Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ah, the Little House books. Childhood favorites. There were tons, and I don’t think I read them all, but I loved them. And yes, I even watched the TV show, Little House on the Prairie, when I was a little kid. Don’t laugh.

farleyChris Farley

*Harry Houdini Can you feel the magic? (side note: he was really born in Budapest.)

*Georgia O’Keefe. picShe was born in WI, but she lived in New Mexico, my hometown. She was just incredible, wasn’t she? So talented. And married to an incredible photographer, Alfred Stieglitz.

*Liberace. Crike, that man was a nut.

Anyway, you either found this interesting, or so boring that you’re never going to visit my blog again! Haha.
Also, I want to thank everybody for there nice comments about my YouTube video!!! I’m keeping the link up in the PRESS section of my blog, if you ever want to watch it again.

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9 Responses to Wisconsin top 5

  1. kittenpower says:

    oh fun! i love me some little house!!
    and cheese.
    and georgia o’keefe and alfred stieglitz. very cool. both of them!

  2. WendyB says:

    Mmmmmmmmm. Cheese.

  3. Meg says:

    I just saw Paul Rudd in “I could never be your woman” and I thought of you and emma…but emma has gone…so I mainly thought of you. I love paul rudd….and I’ve drunk rather a lot. heehee.

  4. jayne says:

    omg! a top 5 of wisconsin! wow that is hilarious! but equally awesome, b/c damn, alex you live in NYC, i could give you a top 5000 after just visiting there, but i didn’t realize a New yorker (well a NY transplant from NM) could find something fantastic about america’s dairyland, b/c my mom always jokes how i can’t actually go to u of WI even if i am applying there, she acts as if madison is hick town, uh not really, but it even has somewhat of a bad or lame rep in MN! so i love love love it that you loved it.

    and now comments on the actual amazing list!

    CHEESE! i would be so sad if i was lactose intolerant 🙁 no wonder why the hindus worship the cow, ice cream is my fav dessert and cheese just adds extra awesomeness to an already delicious meal, duh, i realize they worship the cow for another reason, but i’m just proving that they’re so on to something, haha. seriously though, when my family goes on our annual ski trip to keystone, CO i order cheese fries daily, they’re so good, but so bad for me that i get like acid reflux, but i must eat more and more…its an addiction. not that you need to know more, but this is just how fantastic cheese is. thank you WI!

    and speaking of famous people- neil gaiman the author who wrote “stardust” actually now lives in WI! cool! haha thought you’d appreciate that since you’re a fan of the film.

    wi can be pretty effing awesome i guess! 🙂

    btw, alex thanks for all the nyc suggestions, they were spot on, check out my next post for more

  5. CGCL says:

    I found it very interesting, you kinda made me want to go there. and you worked fashion into the top 5 still, ha. I read ALL the little house books and worshipped them.

  6. molly* says:

    there’s totally nothing better than cheese, i must have a piece of cheese everyday.. if not.. i have a terrible day…

  7. WAT says:

    Feta cheese is deelish! WIsconsin was also notorious for giving us that sicko serial killer Dahmer. But I digress!

    I love museums! I feel so cultured and educated when I visit one! Once however, I guess I got too close to one of the paintings I was admiring, and got reprimanded by one of the employees there. SORRY! SHEESH!

    I have been to Liberace’s final resting place here, Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills. It is just as extravagant as he was in life.

  8. sophie says:

    call me crazy, but i hate cheese. i’ve never been a fan of cheese, and i haven’t ate cheese in probably over 10 years. but i have always wanted a foam cheese hat. go figure! haha.

  9. Crazy Eddie says:

    Cathy Bates’ character in MISERY loved Liberace. I thought that was hilarious. And come to think of it… they should be playing it soon, it’s Halloween month!


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