Back Talk, the movie (i wish!!!)

After my last Poll Topic question (What Book Would You Like To See Made Into A Movie, and Who Would You Cast?) I suddenly realized something: I should have picked my own novel, Back Talk! Everyone who’s read it has told me what a good movie they think it would make—thank you sweet people, by the way!!!
Well, I won’t hold my breath on the call from Miramax, but if Back Talk were to be made into a movie, here are my casting thoughts. Since the girls are all supposed to be 16 or 17 I picked a few relative unknowns, but some will definitely look familiar. Here goes:

Gemma Winters is a sweet, naive, wide eyed gal from Ketchum, Idaho, and she’s about to hit The Big Apple for the first time ever. She has a dream internship at a popular daytime talk show, and she has a couple of rich, fabulous, celebutante friends to help get her acclimated. What could go wrong?!—plenty! But Gemma also manages to have the time of her life. Gemma is a slightly pudgy brunette with a big heart, loads of wit, and a keen determination to do good.
It’s tough to cast the lead role, but I remember Mae Whitman from one of my fave TV shows, Arrested Development (and several random movies). I think she’d be perfect. Innocent, but with a bit of an edge, and very pretty.

dana And watch out for Gemma’s best friend, Dana Cox, because this girl is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. She’s a total celebutante with money to burn and no conscience to go with it. She loves living la vida loca and she’s got a flair for the dramatic. Dana is studying to become an actress, and has the total Hollywood look—long legs, wild blonde hair, and tons of charisma. It was hard to find just the right girl for this, but I’m liking this actress, Lauren Storm. Don’t think I’ve ever actually seen her in anything, but maybe Back Talk (the movie) can be her “big break.”

americaThe last leading character is the impeccable, lovely America Vanderbilt. America is a world weary heiress with class coming out of her pores. At first glance, she can be more than a little intimidating, but once you chip away at that icy exterior, America is a loving, caring friend, with more than a platinum card for a heart.
I’ve always imagined America as a very delicate, fawn-like brunette. She is the most sophisticated of the three, but also insecure. I had a hard time casting her for my imaginary movie, but finally chose Willa Holland—which coincidentally is very appropriate because in the book, I describe America “like Mischa Barton, though America wasn’t out of control like Marissa on The O.C.” (I know, referencing a canceled TV show was a gamble!)

As for the other characters…
nickThere’s Nick, the sexy bad boy from the office. He’s mega hot but turns out to be a total jerk. I was thinking Sean Faris, from Sleepover. Nothin’ wrong with a little eye candy—even if he is bad news!

joe Next up, Gemma’s real love interest: the cute British guy, Joe Cross. At first I thought I’d have to go with Ron Weasley, but then I remembered Jamie Bell from Billy Elliot). He’s so cute. I think he’d be perfect to play the sensitive, English musician/DJ that steals Gemma’s heart! …or maybe one of the guys from Arctic Monkeys. They’re cute and British, right?


The role of Kate Morgan (host of the hit show, Back Talk) would probably be played by an unknown, but think Oprah + Annette Benning, or something.

And Maria and Anita Cruz, the bratty, conniving twins. Well, they’re supposed to be Hispanic, but I think I’d have to get The Olsen twins to do it. They’d just be so good.


Thanks for letting me indulge in a little fantasy casting. That was fun.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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28 Responses to Back Talk, the movie (i wish!!!)

  1. Modern Marie says:

    haha i love your cast! i remember mae whitman from that old ABC family show, Saving Grace – I loved that show and now its off air 🙁 and i dont even think its on DVD either…anyways I LOVE sean ferris too 🙂

  2. kai says:

    what made you choose ketchum,idaho? have you been there? i live in boise and i moved here from nyc so its kind of odd. just curious.

  3. alexgirl says:

    Kai– I’ve never been to Idaho, actually. Hah! At first I wanted Gemma to be from Burley, Idaho. That’s my best friend’s home town, so I added that in for her, as like, an inside joke. But as the story developed, I realized I needed her live closer to Sun Valley, ID, where the celeb ski resort is. Thanks for asking!
    How do you like Boisy, BTW?

  4. Those are GENIUS casting choices! Where did you even find Dana? I’m trying to imagine the combo of O and Annette, but I think I like it. We seriously need to find a way for this movie to be made soon before all those girls get too old! Hmmm…project!

  5. genius. I want to see this film made, pronto! Maybe you and the hubs can do it yourself, you know divert away from horror for a bit. ha.

  6. Molly G says:

    oh cute cast u’ve chosen!.. this is way hotter than gossip girl!..
    molly g.*

  7. jayne says:

    those casting choices are perfect! jamie bell is sooo cute 🙂

  8. -ciao bella- says:

    haha love the fantasy casting! great job. oh yeah btw did i tell you that i bought the book, read it and LOVED it! ncie job, it is so cool to read your blog and then turn right over and read your book!

  9. Celise says:

    I think Sean Faris is a hottie! Sleepover is in my movie collection, too. I haven’t seen him anything since that movie, though. I think it’s interesting when people do this. I know a few other authors on my blogroll have done the who-would-I-get-to-play-my-characters thing. I would have no idea for my first two, but it would be pretty easy for the YA series, because I modeled Draven’s friends after a couple of actors on one of my fav shows back in the day.

  10. maya says:


  11. sophie says:

    oooh! love the picks. but i’d have to disagree with sean faris. but i cannot think of anyone else to fill his role!

  12. pins&needles says:

    That is a good cast of people for your movie. I agree with all of them. Back Talk would be a very good movie. I think you should crank the drama up a bit for the movie and that’ll be great!

  13. Seraphine says:

    Lol, I saw Ron Weasley and asked myself, the guy from Harry Potter? I’m about 1/3 of the way through your book, and there is nothing Harry Potterish about it at all!
    Ketchum, Idaho is perfect. It’s still a small town with lots of locals, and it’s a long way from NYC.

  14. Jen says:

    Ohh such fantastic choices girl!

  15. I pictured Annette Benning as Kate Morgan and the Olsen twins too….

    seriously you book should be made into a movie or a new CW show, it could be in the same night as Gossip Girl and ANTM….

    how hot would that be?

  16. molly says:

    i would definitely overpay a theatre to see that!

  17. LaLaLauren. says:

    I have to steal Arwen’s thunder here.
    We found the book at Indigo.
    She read it.
    And I’m going to borrow it.
    Back Talk is back in the picture!

  18. I’m loving your book, loving Gemma! After I finish reading it I’ll tell you about it!

  19. BottleBlonde says:

    Oprah + Annette Benning?! I don’t know whether I’m excited or horrified. In any case, I’d pay top dollar to see a love child between the two.


  20. Jen says:

    willa holland was such a good actress in the OC!
    I still have to buy back talk, I will soon I want it!

  21. kittenpower says:

    Excellent! I think I need to purchase this book… And see the movie! Let us know when it’s released, yes? 😉

  22. I LOVE fANTASY CASTING!!! Great choices,and I gotta grab your book before the fam road trip to Marfa,that we are planning!
    Oh ,and in terms of books into movies…my number 1 choice would have to be FLB’s Weetsie Bat !

  23. molly says:

    YES be my facebook buddy!
    search Molly G in the Vancouver, BC network
    or if theres too many
    find the group The Official Rick Schmidlin Fan Club
    I’m one of the officers!

  24. Drusilla says:

    Sean Faris is amazingly cute, I was batty about him on Life As We Know It. Shame that got cancelled….
    And I would’ve cast Richard Ashcrift as Joe in a flash if he’d been about ten years younger…but Jamie Bell is sweet. Billy Elliott will always be one of my favourite movies thanks to the ballet, the soundtrack and him.

  25. Drusilla says:

    Ooops, I meant Richard Ascroft…my bad.

  26. kai says:

    well, going from nyc to boise is quite a change. less culture and less glamour. but its beautiful and i see why people come here. ketchum is gorgeous and sun valley is as well.

  27. WAT says:


  28. Cheri Lee says:

    You’re welcome! Sure I’ll trade links with you =]

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