New Top 5

1. Mortified Short Bus. For some reason I can’t figure out how to post a YouTube video on my blog (don’t make fun of me! I’m technologically stunted!), but you should check out this video. My friend Lucy introduced me to it, and I LMAO watching this piece. Ah, the good ole’ days.


Alice Temperley for Go! Target. Bringing designers to the plebs—does it get any better than that? I love some of her stuff (not all of it, but nobody’s perfect). Isn’t this a cute dress? I’m not sure how it would look on me (I get self conscious if I look too Victorian), but I’m loving it. Wow, I’m going to have to get myself to a Target STAT.

3. ART!!! I was just reading A Cup of Jo (a fabulous blog, BTW) and she posted about this new online gallery/art store called 20×200. There are some really lovely photographs up on the site and they are selling prints for $20! I just might buy something… well, maybe in a few years when I have more wall space. But seriously. “Making art lovers into art collectors.” This is awesome.

4. ORPortland, Oregon. Read this New York Times article and you’ll be as in love with Portland as I now am. Affordable, beautiful, and amazing food? What more could a girl ask for. Not to mention good music, which is my lifeline. Oregon has given us The Dandy Warhols, and The Thermals, to name a few. Not to mention Portland has a nonprofit Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls, which I would give my right leg to attend. How cool is that?!!

5. local

When Andy and I went to Madison, Wisconsin, I was incredibly impressed with all the locally grown produce and everything. Yummo! We had quite the stimulating conversation about the importance of organic food VS, (more specifically), locally grown produce. I’m not going to get up on my soapbox or anything, but check out and look for a farmers market near you!

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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22 Responses to New Top 5

  1. So what, now you’re moving to Portland? It’s too hard to keep up with you!

  2. I’m techno stunted too, don’t feel bad.

    I agree with you on the dress too, I love it, but too victorian can be a big problem, plus these victorian styles don’t do too well with girls who are Chesty McTitterson like me.

  3. sophie says:

    i am so excited for the temperley target line!

  4. jayne says:

    haha, in order to embed a video you just copy and paste the code from the box that says “embed” underneath or to the right of the video, but it’s ok, i still refuse to both with links in my actual post, im lazy, so i get the tech stunted thing

    i love the alice temperley line! some of the dresses are so freakin adorable, they make me want to have a garden party haha. i have one of the uber victorican blouses, sometimes i surprise myself haha, but it is gorgeous. and a super cute gray dress that would look kick ass with some burgundy tights!

    haha oh madison, did you have fun other than eating all of the produce? why were you looking at produce anyway? sorry, i’m just curious, i don’t usually eye up the strawberries when im on a trip. did you have cheese when you were there!? hehe im being so stereotypical, but the license plate does say america’s dairy state or something

  5. ambika says:

    Portland is definitely my favorite little city. Funky shopping, awesome dining and some great people watching, too.

  6. kittenpower says:

    Ah! I love it when Target has a guest designer! It’s the best.

    Also, I watched this documentary called “DIG” and you need to watch it if you like the Dandy Warhols! It documents 7 years of this other band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. At first the two bands are BFF, then you see how crazy Anton Newcombe (the lead guy, who seems to be a musical genius) is… He starts this unsaid rivalry with Teh Dandies and writes a song called, “Not if you were the last dandy on earth” in response to their song a/b herion being passé, which was in reference to Anton’s habit. Good stuff…

    Anyway, Alex, this was such a great documentary and I think you’d like it. The drama is amazing!! They should play it on Lifetime!

  7. molly says:

    oregon also gave us my god ken kesey!
    the few minutes i was there (ok like a day) i really dug it

    i adore your list!
    do you have facebook?

  8. Oh, do not worry I am not that computer savy either!!!

  9. FunSizeSnack says:

    Thanks again for keeping me up to date on the fashion scene. I was in Target the other day and found a top for $40–Forty bucks! I hope they don’t get too rich for me. I always look for the fluorescent stickers on clothes when I shop 🙂

    And good luck on shopping around your new manuscript! Is it a sequel to Back Talk?

  10. Meg says:

    Everytime you post about different American cities, I feel like jumping on the next flight and going for a wander. Too bad for me, I am but a penniless student. I am living with 2 Americans this year though, one’s from NY but they both study at Gettysburg. (Just in case you were interested =] )
    Re: It is Javiar Bardem! I’ve never really heard of him but due to your response, I’m thinking that the united power of Catalina SM and J.Bardem will overpower any possible crappy acting from J.Leguiziamo and Ben. Bratt.

  11. Tiff says:

    WTF, i just started reading the book ‘mortified’ yesterday while i was getting my hair done. i was CRACKING UP.
    you need to read it. it’s goodness.

    i always thought i could live in portland. beautious.

  12. Valley Girl says:

    Did you change your layout???

    I checked out the Temperley line yesterday–all the good stuff was gone!!!

    I love, love, LOVE that dress!

  13. Celise says:

    I wouldn’t mind learning how to “live green.” I think it would be totally cool to live in an environmentally safe house. And I’ll have to check out that designer at Target, too. A Super Target was built near my house. I can just imagine the madhouse that’s going to be when it opens on the 14th. I didn’t even know they HAD Super Targets.

    Anyhoo, um, you’ve been tagged:

    Feel free to participate. Or not.

  14. WAT says:

    But Portland might get destroyed by an erupting Mt. Rainer! AH HECK! NOT LIKE ME BEING HERE IN LA AIN’T DEADLY ENUFF! EEK! Sounds lovely and lots o’ rain. Portland it is! Are u ready for the West Coast tho?

  15. Modern Marie says:

    im in LOVE with the alice temperly line @ target – i tried a ton of stuff on the other day – it it all fits really well and looks good on – kinda vintage-y! i ended up getting a gray dress- you should def check it out!

  16. Raisa says:

    Glad you had such a cool time at Wisconsin ;).
    Gotta check out the rest of the Alice Temperely collection for Target, so far that black shirt-dress looks incredibly cute.


  17. That Alice Temperly dress reminds me of my raincoat and is simply gorgeous. I could stare at it all day! And yay for you pushing portland and local food. Someone should!!! I ate at zen palate last night in union square, sooooo yummy and healthy.

  18. Samantha says:

    Hey Alex! I like the Alice Temperley line — several pieces appeal to me. I’m w/ you on the overly Victorian look, but for the price you can’t go wrong! Great little wardrobe extenders, those!

    I love hope you feature so many diverse bits and pieces here on your blog, btw. Always something fun to discover.



  19. Mrs Fashion says:

    Get up on your soapbox – I’ll come too! Local produce rocks. Why spend £5 on some organic green beans flown in from Kenya when all the air miles and pollution from freighting them will cancel out the O word ten times over?!

  20. LaLaLauren. says:

    I watched that video.
    I sent it to some friends.
    I peed my pants laughing.
    Well, not exacty..

  21. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  22. I have noticed classic garments always stay in style. Fashion brings out whatever emotion you are feeling inside. Whatever you are feeling, have fun with it and remember not to take yourself so serious. Don’t let someone predict who you are!

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