Music to my Ears

Last Saturday night we went to see Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall.


Yes, I have been a Rilo Kiley fan for years, but hadn’t heard their new album yet. The new album is actually pretty good, but much to my happiness they played many of their classic hits, too—por ejemplo, they opened with It’s A Hit.

I wish I could find a picture of the outfit Jenny Lewis was wearing, because it was so fan-frigging-tastic, I can hardly contain myself! It’s the kind of thing you would never catch me wearing in a ba-jillion years, but if I had more self-confidence and a skinny little bod, I would totally rock it. dressThis picture (courtesy of should give you somewhat of an idea, but the outfit I saw her in was actually this little hotpants/overalls thing. Anyway, she looked amazing and swanlike.

troopI have been a Jenny Lewis fan for years. Well, to be honest, I didn’t love her solo project with The Watson Twins. I mean, it is good, but I’m not in love with country music, and their album was heavily country-fied. But who here remembers Troop Beverly Hills? She played Shelley Long’s bright-eyed daughter. I used to love that movie. I was never a girl scout and I think Troop Beverly Hills filled a void. Oh, and Tori Spelling was in it. She played the daughter of the evil scouts. This movie is dated, but still fun to watch.

wizI bet that even fewer people remember the movie Wizard, starring Jenny Lewis and the much sought after (in the 80’s, anyway) child star Fred Savage. I used to have such a crush on him! Anyway, Wizard is about this Nintendo prodigy going to the NES championships. LOVED IT! Or I used to. Apparently it’s not out on DVD, and there aren’t any video stores anymore, so I guess I won’t be recommending that one!

foxThe last movie I’ll mention is Foxfire. A girl power, coming of age flick starring Jenny, and Angelina Jolie before she “made it big.” It’s cheesy, but very fun, and based on the Joyce Carol Oates book, Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang. It’s loosely based, and the book is much better, FYI!!!

As big a fan I am of Jenny Lewis, I am also a huge fan of the other lead vocalist & guitarist, Blake Sennett. Apparently he, too, was a child actor. Go figure. More importantly, he has another band called The Elected. They are uh-mazing. A little more 60’s pop/blue-grass than the usual indie bands I listen to and recommend, but they are still indie (just imagine a banjo in addition to all the usual instruments), and quite talented.

I’m out of town right now—in Madison, Wisconsin. (I know, strange, right? Hubs is here on business so I decided to tag along.) More on Madison later, but the good news is, we were looking at our “fun options” and saw that The Brunettes are playing at a local club. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about them, and the tix were $8, so we’re going to check it out.

boysAnd last but not least… My BFF spotted film crews in my neighborhood for Burn After Reading. I hope they’re still filming when I get back to NYC, because I do not want to miss a chance to see Brad Pitt and George Clooney in my ‘hood!!
Woo hoo.

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22 Responses to Music to my Ears

  1. Mrs Fashion says:

    Fred Savage crushes: Didn’t we all?! *blushes wildly*

  2. Brad Pitt and George Clooney, wow! If you get a chance to see them, tell us about it!

  3. FunSizeSnack says:

    Madison? That’s (kind of) my neck of the woods! …and also one of my favorite cities on earth. My hubs and I always hang out at Paul’s Bar on State Street. It’s the bar with the oak tree “growing” through it. Also have some calamari, if you like seafood, on State. If you go to the Best Western Inn on the Park bar and order a Harvey Wallbanger from a bartender named Marty, tell him Kelly sent you–he only opens the Galliano when I’m in town 🙂

  4. I LOVED Troop Beverly Hills! How cool to have those hotties in your neighborhood. We had a community rummage sale today but it’s just not quite the same as two Hollywood hotties.

  5. molly says:

    no way! i dont have you linked???

    thats way exciting about the film crew in your neighborhood. which one would you do first? george or brad? or would you be a trooper and take them both at once?

    i was flipping through an 80s teen magazine in value village and i saw a picture of jenny lewis! i was like “wow, how the times change”

  6. Maggie says:

    I have never been quite so happy to prove someone wrong:

    Hope the weather is Madison is still as nice as it was when we were there. What is this mysterious club you found that has good shows? It seemed to me like the scene was mostly mediocre jazz and jam bands. *shudder*

  7. you know everything there is to know about Jenny Lewis.

    also, do me a favor…if you can, kidnap The Clooney, and Sir Brad for me…I like totally love them.

    (all this 80’s talk made me go “valley”)

  8. CGCL says:

    omg, I heart you to death. I love Jenny Lewis, in fact I can never EVER remove rabbit from my iPod. I am bad at keeping up with concerts though. I am going to see Lucinda Williams again this week and then Brandi Calisle, and PJ Harvey in the next few weeks and Tegan and Sara in November, yeah, I love NYC, we get all the best artists.

  9. Valley Girl says:

    I am so there!!! I get so star-struck when I see celebs!

  10. Tiff says:

    OMG – Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard are TWO of my TOP FIVE FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MOVIES. sorry i dont mean to yell but THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    another in my top 5 is ‘adventures in babysitting.’
    the other 2 i will have to think about.

    i still have a crush on fred savage. he will always be adorable even when he is 92 years old.

    ok i got so excited that i didn’t even read the rest of your post. haha i guess i will do that now.

  11. Shaira says:

    what?! Pitt & Clooney in the hood? How come I haven’t seen any filming vans, we do live on the same street. I’ve been trying to keep my eye out for the sex and then city film crew, too. apparently they’re supposed to be filming in our neck of the woods sometime now. I bet they’ll all roll out when I leave for paris. the only star i’ve ever seen in NYC was Geraldo. I think he’s our neighbor. I saw him last winter during that crazy snowstorm.

  12. Modern Marie says:

    ok im SOOOO jealous! the concert near me is tonight! and im NOT going – im soo mad! they better not break up and never go on tour again! but thats so cool that you saw them! and you do know a lot about jenny lewis! (I love Troop Beverly hills!) and i think blake sennet used to be on boy meets world – maybe? a friend of mine is going and she’s gonna get me a tshirt – so im pretty excited for that! anysways – i love their new video for Silver Lining – i posted it on my blog 🙂

  13. sophie says:

    i think i have seen troop beverly hills, but i am not sue. it sounds familiar…
    and if you meet up with brad, profess my love to him okay? and don’t forget to blog about it if it happens. even if it ends up that he smiles and waves at you, what a story!

  14. WAT says:

    Well I’ll just have to check out Rilo Kiley since I ain’t ever heard of them before! MY OH MY! Lord knows I’m always looking for good artists in this decade since lots of the mainstream music now is disappointing.

  15. Very interesting! Its been years since I saw Troop Beverly,and Jenny Lewis sounds completely intriguing. I envy that you go to live concerts of your own choosing. Lately I have been discussing going to concerts with my oldest babe. It will be either Ms Stephani,or The Killers(my personal fave choice,do they even tour?)some of my best memories are going to see P.I.L or Lene Lovich,Cocteau Twins ,or gosh….so many cool concerts.

  16. jayne says:

    omg! you know how jealous i am right now of you alex! rilo kiley did come to MN, but it was 18+ and at a seedy club, i was pissed i had to miss it! jenny is so friggin awesome that only she could get away with that crazy sexy outfit of hers, it sounds fabulous. i actually don’t mind their new album too, its growing on me, last call and silver lining are addictive. and sometimes oddly enough i do like alt country, so the watson twins solo effort was much appreciated, besides she had genius lyrics on that album. and troop beverely hills is one of my favorites haha. i was so happy when i found out that that was actually jenny! 🙂

    ooo madison, haha, that’s like 4hrs away from me. i’ve only been there once to look at the university of wisconsin, and i did like it. the lakes are so gorgeous. but i can’t recommend anything to do, except there is a damn good donut shop with amazing bismarcks haha, dunno the name though, have fun!

  17. Jen says:

    brad and george the hottest older men around!

  18. ambika says:

    So jealous on the Rilo Kiley front. I got her album a week before they came to Seattle and of course the show was sold out by the time I realized I needed to get moving on it.

  19. alexgirl says:

    Maggie! Thank you for proving me wrong! Wizard is going to the TOP OF MY NETFLIX QUEUE immediately.
    All these comments have made me giddy. Thanks guys!!!

  20. kittenpower says:

    Ah! Troop Beverly Hills! Hello slumber party!
    I also remember seeing the Wizard in the theatre with my bro, sis, and Uncle…. His treat to spend quality time with his neices and newphew.
    Good memories!

  21. Heather says:

    Ahhh! I was JUST looking at the Rilo Kiley site to see if they’d be touring near me, and they aren’t! I am so upset — but yeah, I do like their new album a ton. And I had no idea that Jenny was in those movies! Wow!
    Oh, and I really wanna visit Portland now! 🙂

  22. Jess says:

    Oh my, I am so in love with Rilo Kiley and so jealous of you because I did not make it to their ATL show and that’s the closest it has come to Alabama. Jenny is amazing, I don’t know if you read Nylon mag but the last issue they had an article about them and it was fabulous.

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