Girls that ROCK!

Modern Marie nominated me for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award a couple weeks ago—woo hoo! Thanks MM! However, I’ve been such a mega slacker that I haven’t posted it or nominated 5 other rockin’ girl bloggers yet. At this point, a lot of you may have already received this honor, so my apologies if you’ve been double picked, or whatever, but here are my 5 pass-it-on nominees:

Country Girl City Life. I know I talk about her all the time, but she’s rad! (I still can’t believe we haven’t spotted each other in da ‘hood, btw!). I’ve been wanting one of her “arm candy” bags for ages, and my hubs finally surprised me with one! I am so stoked. Now I just have to find the perfect occasion to wear it…

Books, Boys, Buzz. These ladies are pretty rockin’. They’re all YA writers like moi, and they blog about boys 24/7, which I find endlessly entertaining.

I Play With Pins & Needles. She’s a rockin’ girl, and an awesome knitter.knit

Sea Heidi. She’s so sweet! And she has a really interesting interview up right now. Well, at least it’s interesting to me because she interviewed an editor at Putnam Books.

The Land of Passive Agressiva. She makes playing softball sound fun and horrible at the same time. And I just learned that she makes toothbrush bracelets as a hobby. Weird, cool, crazy? All of the above.

Anywho, I think I’ll end with a new Poll Topic:

What book would you like to see made into a movie?
And if you want to go the extra mile, who would you cast?
I’m going to vote for Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. But, as usual, I reserve the right to change my mind. I’d love to see Dakota Fanning try to play a hermaphrodite. Hah! But really, Middlesex it’s a great book. Jeffrey Eugenides also wrote The Virgin Suicides, which is another favorite of mine.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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  1. Marianne says:

    I know you said book, but have you ever heard of BioShock? I actually really hate video games, but I saw a commercial for this and I think it would make a SWEET movie. It’s about this plane crash survivor who ends up in this scary underwater world with genetically modified monsters and freaky warped 40’s music playing in the background. It reminds me of a haunted sunken cruise ship from the big band era. The movie should star some hottie like Ryan Reynolds or Clive Owen. There should be a bad guy played by Vincent D’onofrio (he was the bug alien in Men in Black and the scary goat guy in The Cell). Oh and there should definitely be a cameo by Shia Labeouf…since he has great abs now.

  2. alexgirl says:

    Brilliant! That sounds right up my alley. Anything with Ryan Renolds has my vote. And Vincent D’Onofrio makes a great baddie.
    I wonder if they have BioShock for gamecube. I should get it for my hubs.

  3. LaLaLauren. says:

    I’d go for Twilight.
    But it’s already in pre-production.
    Anyway, bot, do I wish I was picked for a rockin’ blogger girl.
    bit if I had to pick someone, it would so be you.

  4. Thanks for the nomination, Alex! You’re a sweetie. Guess what? I FINALLY started reading Back Talk last night. Sorry I’ve been such a slacker. I’m loving it!

    As for books to movies, I’d have to say Revenge of the Homecoming Queen. I’m so bad…

  5. LaReinaLexa says:

    Wow, thanks for nominating me–that’s an awesome honor!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around often, it’s just my world seems to revolve around school these days (I might just be on the Distinguished Honor Roll for the first time in YEARS if I can get my English grade up a smidgen!) And I’ve even abandoned my poor blog. I’ll be around–hopefully–more as field hockey comes to a close (not yet…not even close!).

    Well, I must be going…I’ll answer the poll ASAIC. (As soon as I can!)

    -La Reina

  6. Molly G says:

    hey girl i hope you win!!.. you really are so amazing and interesting!…
    oh.. i guess i would like…The Spring by Clifford Irwing.. but it is a movie.. a low budget one only for tv… i want to see it in the big screen!.. because i haven’t seen it yet.
    see ya,

  7. pins&needles says:

    Augh! You’re too cool! I’m glad that you think I rock.

    I’m not sure what book would be good as a movie. I would’ve suggested Twilight, but someone already mentioned it and she said it was in pre-production (gasp! must see!). I bet Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs would be a great documentary.

  8. Valley Girl says:

    LOL @ Dakota!!! That is a great pic of her; is that from the MJ ads?

    Anyway, congrats on the nomination!!! You deserve it! I love your blog.

  9. molly says:

    id do “haunted” by chuck palahniuk
    super disturbed book about people that get trapped in a house together and try to glamorize the story by making it worse for themselves
    all the while telling their most vomit inducing memoirs

    all unknowns of course, who disappear after the movie is finished filming

  10. Your book, “Back Talk”, has just arrived! I’ll start reading it this weekend!!!

  11. you know, I love, LOVE the Virgin Suicides, but have yet tor ead middlesex….now I am thinking I need to.

    AI love Dakota Fanning, I have always just called her “the cupcake” even now….I can;t wait until she starts doing heroin and becomes all slut-tastic!

  12. Modern Marie says:

    you deserve that award!

    that book sounds really good – i did hear tho that dakota is playing suzie in the lovely bones movie adaptaion – and that doesnt really settle with me lol

  13. YAY! I am so happy you love your arm candy and that you nominated me, of course. You are truly a rockin’ bitch yourself. and don’t worry, when do run into each other in the hood or at rack and soul, I am SO notbeing shy. I am going to be running up screamed “ALEX Richards” like a crazed Back Talk fan. ha.

  14. Crazy Eddie says:

    Yes, those that you’ve chosen do deserve props. I visit some of them…

    Sorry I’ve been away (again) but I’ve managed to slip into a black hole and have just recently found my way out… lol.

    Besos para siempre

  15. Meg says:

    I second the Dakota Fanning as Hermaphrodite notion!

    I just discovered Mando Diao and I love them, I’ve been listening to them non-stop. They make me happy.

  16. Kayla says:

    A Northern Light should be made into a movie-and for the main character I’d cast Natalie Portman.I also think the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld would make an AMAZING movie. Who I’d cast not sure.I really loved this question….good post.
    p.s.check out my new post

  17. amy says:

    those bags look nice (:

  18. sophie says:

    thats so hard! there are so many. but off the top of my head, i would say the shopaholic series, but they are already making it with isla fisher.

  19. Tiff says:

    ok its commercial break during ANTM and heather was just on the phone crying to her mom and i just want to b**** slap all of those jerky girls!!!! grrr.


  20. Heidi says:

    thanks, darlin’!! you are so sweet. =) thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll too. i’d LOVE to interview you too sometime if you’d like. btw, who published your friend’s book about the turtles in costa rica? the premise sounds really cool—i’ll have to check out her website. =)

  21. rollergirl says:

    Ooh, I’d love to watch the Catcher In The Rye. It would take a brave film maker to make that though, cos you just know it would NEVER be as good as the book. Or Prep by Curtis Sitenfeld. (I love books about boarding schools!)

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