Wednesday night on the CW…

Okay, I’ve made it perfectly clear how enthusiastic I am about Wednesday night on the CW. I love ANTM, but watching a series premiere is like a new pair of shoes—you try ’em on once and decide if they’re worth the pain of breaking in, or just a fad that you’ll wear twice then put in a goodwill bag. So here are my thoughts on GG, for better or worse.


1. Bad-boy Chuck is hilariously smarmy—I’m loving his “Brenda Walsh meets Jane-Austen-villain” persona.

2. The soundtrack is amazing, though definitely on the uber catchy side. Amy Winehouse, Peter Bjorn & John, Air, Cold War Kids, Justin Timberlake… it’s a reg’lar dance partee!

3. The clothes are fantastic. Tons of droolworthy sequins, blazers, and pumps.
4. Fantabulously scandalous plotlines. Mysterious and intriguing!!

5.Lots of good looking rich people. blair
(sidenote: the character of Blair was supposed to be played by La Lohan when this was pegged for the big screen. I think she would have been ace, but Leighton Meester is pretty good, too.)

1. The main droolworthy guy, Nate, is kinda, meh. Too “pretty,” and boring… but I guess his character in the book was kind of that way, too.

2. Too serious. It’s missing that Josh Schwartz/OC quippiness that I was hoping for.

3. Too much exposition. But it’s a series premiere so what was I expecting?

…Anyway, it’s no 90210 but I’ll definitely keep watching to see how the story unveils. Maybe they’ll introduce a quirky character so I don’t have to stare at all these poor-little-rich-girls the whole time. Wasn’t there an Ani DeFranco/bad-girl type in the book? I must confess to only having read the fist couple books, so god only knows what is going to happen. But I’m dying to find out.

America’s Next Top Model

Tyra in that Vegas showgirl outfit? Genius. She has no boundaries. And her best question of the night? = “what was it like growing up with a crack head for a mom?” Hmmm… tough question. Anywho, my other fave moments/people:

Spontaneouse. She didn’t make the cut, but I love that name.

modelI think my favorite is Heather, the kinda pale/goth girl with Aspergers. She’s my dark horse vote. (but she needs a good tweezin’)

The bikini wax girl is kind of hilarious, but I don’t think she’s that pretty. And I bet the ratings peaked when she gave TyTy a faux Brazilian!!!

plusTyra’s definition of “plus size” this season makes me want to vomit. That girl weighs what, 115 pounds? Thank god Jay brought up the possibility of *gasp* “regular sized models.”

ebonyAnd Ebony is serious competition. I can’t wait to see what kind of duh-rama she’s going to bring to the runway!!!

Okay. I’m done.

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  1. Celise says:

    I took an online course taught by YA author Lauren Barnholdt and the required reading was the first Gossip Girl and Sarah Mylnowski’s Bras and Broomsticks. Needless to say, I liked Sarah’s way better than Gossip Girl. Reading that book took me back to my own high school days at the snobby high school I graduated from and when I heard they were making it into a series…I didn’t wanna “go there.” Again.

    Therefore, I won’t be watching the show. I’ll just stick my regulars.

  2. WAT says:


    I liked the show! It has potential. Chuck is such a pig! A disgusting creepy pig! But there’s something kinda sexy and intriguing about him.

    Ah yes, nothing like a vapid show about trendy rich white people to distract us from the depressing Iraq war.

  3. Damn I am kicking myself for missing these!!!!

    I really wanted to see gossip girl, there has been an empty hole inside me since 90210 went off the air, I have been trying to fill it with every pretty teenager show since…

  4. CGCL says:

    totally agree with everything. ebony is craAYzzzzy. I love your gossip girl points, the casting of the swarmy guy is the most perfect. he reminds me of so many catholic school pricks. xoxo

  5. pins&needles says:

    OMG, I flashed back to being a teenager when I watched this show! I’m even using text-messaging acronyms, which is a side-effect from it (jk). I’ve never read the books because the books are about girls that I hated in high school. But when I saw the previews and watched the show last night, I was thoroughly impressed. I have found a love for teenage trash (that’s what I call it) mixed with drama. It’ also helps that the writers from the OC did it. I must see the rest of the season. If the books are this good, then I should buy the whole set.

  6. I will read you GG mini review after I watch it tonight (tivo)!
    I’m lovin’ Ebony and Heather too!

  7. molly says:

    i started watching GG but was pretty disappointed
    id always approached the books as borderline-satire, and i loved them.
    this feels way too serious and soap-opera esque
    plus: isnt rufus supposed to be a fat aging hippie? not a calvin klein model? could they put ONE badlooking person on the show, PLEASE?

    SPONTANIOUSE!!! i ran into the next room to tell my parents about her name. i wish shed made the cut so i could laugh at her name every week

    love janet (bikini-wax girl) too, but my favorites are a bit different than yours!

  8. Tiff says:

    HELLOOOOOO!?! what about the quirky adorably awkward [but not really] and sexy DAN i can’t believe you failed to mention him. he is obviously my favorite. perhaps the man who keeps me watching the show. his real name is Penn Badgley – intriguing. hes my new fav hottie!

    i thought Leighton Meester [what a crazy fab name! at least the 1st half] was a great pic…i’ve never seen her in anything that i can recall, but she is great for Blair.

    I’ve been a fan of Blake Lively since she made me cry [a lot] in the ‘sisterhood’ movie.

    overall the show is what i expected…super teenage drama, very guilty-pleasure-inducing.

    note: i have NOT read the books, i have kinda *cough* scorned them as ‘teen trash’ and avoided them. perhaps i will read one? to compare to the show?

    also, i find the ACTORS names wonderful…blake, leighton, and penn?

    oh, and the name rufus is replusive. really, only dogs should ever be named that.

    don’t know why i got stuck on names there! haha

    2 more things:
    1. tyra is just as crazy as ever. i love to hate to love her. WACKADOO!
    2. i think it’s too early for me to pick favs on ANTM. i like heather. i hope the other girls are nice but i am not holding my breath!

    sorry for the longest comment ever! have a FABULOUS weekend! 🙂

    PS i am FINALLY ordering YOUR BOOK! woohoo!

  9. Jen says:

    I haven’t watched ANTM yet but I can’t wait to, I’ve gotta get my bf to download it since were two seasons behind in australia!

  10. Mrs Fashion says:

    I can’t wait for GG to get an airing in the UK.
    Wait, it IS going to get an airing here, right?

  11. Renn. :] says:

    I liked the jacket Blake Lively was wearing in that one clip during the trailer commercial.
    I could go for that.
    As for ANTM, I used to watch it. It is good.
    But I do dislike their hatred for people more than 110lbs.
    Like, I’m just over a hundred.
    And I’m a teenager. And I’m still growing.
    So I’m not going to be eighty pounds forever. And I’m happy with that. I just want to be healthy. So it bothers me when Tyra slashes them in the ground and tells them to lose weight when on her day show she’s all “Be happy! Be healthy!” And she’s not 115lbs. anymore, is she?
    That’s my daily rant.

  12. Molly G says:

    i love ANTM catfight everywhere always.. i’m so excited to see it!

  13. jayne says:

    ooo actually this show totally lived up to my expectations, i’ll def be tuning in next week as well. my thoughts:

    -from the first photos, nate was too pretty boy for me, and he still kinda is, but i think he’s less stuckup than that pretty boy image he gives. and he is pretty much a wet noodle throughout the books too, so the fact he’s a drip on tv is accurate too

    -for some reason i find rufus hotter than dan, ooops! but it looks like he is taking some josh schwartz’s seth cohen humor, i’ll admit very little of it, but still some. which is kinda odd, because although i know dan is quirky, he is more emo than funny in the books. however, the awkward outsider humor, may fit, plus the show does need more humor so i’ll take it

    -overall the humphrey family is perfect- their family dynamic is hilarious and charmingly affectionate. jenny is adorably awkward, despite how she isn’t big breasted and a brunette like the books- she totally has the starstruck thing i love it!

    – serena is bitchier than i remember her in the books, oh well, blair was being a total biatch to her so it make sense that serena also has her fangs out. speaking of blair is exactly like the book, perfect!

    -chuck oh chuck. good job with him. he is such a major creeper, and he’s even got that signature scarf- his character is right on track- potential rapist but also could be gay! oh i adore it!

    – some of the plot twists are quite different, but really intriguing- such as suicidal eric van der woodsen and serena’s mom and rufus ooo!

    – the fashion is awesome- for some reason i now want to wear uniforms again haha, i think it’s b/c of those fab tights. i love blair’s yellow headband the most

    -the music isnt half bad either. not as ecletic indie as oc, but they’re working up to it i guess. idk if it’s a good or a bad thing that i recognize that they’re playing- albert hammond jr and white stripes haha

  14. jayne says:

    oh yea, i forgot to mention, yes the books did have a quirky artsy chick, vanessa, one of dan’s best friends, who is also completely in love with him. but it doesn’t look like she’s in show? ugg, maybe later ?

  15. Modern Marie says:

    you’re so right about your jane austen reference about chuck (and i do believe the actor is actually british in real life)…. and dan is “too pretty” for me too – i cant take him that seriously – he looks like a male model, u kno? and his hair bothers me too lol
    like the music too – very eclectic!

  16. That Student says:

    Yeah, I can’t watch Gossip Girl. I agree with the other commenter that the books were more satiric, and this is just too soap opera. Maybe I’m judging too quickly based on the previews and the fact that The OC-guy is behind it. But there’s a difference between gossipy and dramatic (even if it is a really slight difference), and the previews seemed more like The OC moves to the East Coast. But ANTM made my week.

  17. sophie says:

    what i hate about gossip girl is that it just seems like they wanted to stuff in as many popular songs in as possible. It just didn’t work for me. and well, i read the books, and i was looking for it to be a lot like the books, but they changed so manye stupid things. like serena’s brother. hello? he is supposed to be older and hot, but you can tell something between him and jenny is going to happen. and what is with serena’s mom and rufus? it is just all so bad, but you can’t wait to see what happens next. it is like a train wreck.

  18. Raisa says:

    I’m really looking forward to watch gossip girl!, I guess i’ll just wait until it comes out here, thing that will happen like in a million years i guess =(

    I also love america’s next top model!! 115lbs plus size? ohmygod they’re sick.


  19. alexgirl says:

    I am loving everyone’s comments! Tiff, you’re right. I forgot to mention Dan. And I feel so bad about it too, because when the show was over, I looked at my hubs and said “you kinda look like that guy.” And then I forgot to mention him. Whoops!
    Anyway, we’ll keep watchin’ and commenting, ok?!

  20. kittenpower says:

    I’m obsessed with ANTM! I only got to see the second half of the premier though. Shucks!
    Yeah, the “plus sized” girl was pretty freakin huge. Whatever!!
    I’m rooting for Aspergers girl too. I wonder how her condition will affect her? It will probably make uber-model! I would really like that.

    I was talking with my brothers girlfriend and she suggested that it seems like the bro may have that cndition. I think I agree with her… His social skills are odd, yet he is quite brilliant. He’s just slightly off (nothing that gets in the way of living you know?)

    Anyway, I have to go to breakfast right now, so I’m not getting to read as much of your site as I would like. I will be back later! I’ve enjoyed it so far! 🙂

  21. Heather says:

    I am so upset because I missed the first episode! And I was looking forward to it! Stupid DVR!

  22. Crazy Eddie says:

    Gossip Girl. Somehow I knew that is was going to be an injection of sugar and bitchery (with bad acting alike), but it seems to have some potential.

    I agree with what you said. They do need someone quirky, or rather someone who’ll just shake them bitches up a bit.

    Besos para siempre

  23. Seraphine says:

    If anyone needs to be tweezed in America’s Next Top Model, I’ll guarantee it’ll be done before the series is half over. Everyone goes through serious makeovers as the show progresses.
    Those that survive.

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