Hilary in the hizz-ouse.

Yeah, I think I sunk to a new low last night. I dragged my best friend to Radio City Music Hall to pass out BACK TALK postcards to all the girls heading into the Hilary Duff concert. I was thinking it would be a great place to get the word out about my book… but apparently Hilary Duff fans aren’t quite as old as I thought they were. Most of the girls in line had just come from the American Girl store (which I freaking loved when I was a little kid—I had the Samantha doll).

Anyway, it didn’t turn out to be quite the promotional blitz I’d hoped for. We wandered up and down the line passing out promotional Back Talk flyer/postcards, but these little girls and their mothers basically looked at us like we were passing out Crack Popsicles.



I just assumed that the ex-Lizzie McGuire, Cinderella Story chica would have teenage fans. After the whole sex-bomb in Maxim thing, I’m kinda surprised she’s catering to such a young crowd, but whadda I know. She must have a serious Lindsey Lohan VS. Polyanna complex going on in her head.

(And just as a side note, I love this picture. “Scrapbooking with Lizzie McGuire.” I mean, scrapbooking? Seriously? Does she think her fans are 70 year old ladies in a retirement home? Hmmm…)

Whatevs. If I sell one freakin’ copy of Back Talk from that fiasco I’ll consider myself lucky.

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19 Responses to Hilary in the hizz-ouse.

  1. jayne says:

    yea, i know first graders who have actually been to hilary concerts! wow they grow up so fast these days- i mean my first concert was in sophmore yr of highschool, but at least it wasn’t some crap like hilary- it was coldplay, and they set a super high standard- they’re still my favorite band and concert. but honestly, now these 8 year olds carry cells (for emergencies!? wtf is texting a crisis?) and have ipods (i once asked some kid what he could be listening to- answer- the madagascar soundtrack, wow). spoiled little brats! at least i’m past that stage when everything hilary rocked- she is probably the least talented of teen stars. all of her movies suck. ok enough of my little rant…but sorry your pr thing failed 🙁 better luck next time 🙂

  2. ambika says:

    You know, in theory this is a rad idea–but I think even teenagers might have looked at you like you were handing out crack popsicles. Isn’t dismissive kind of the teenage M.O.?

  3. Modern Marie says:

    i used to love Lizzie McGuire! haha
    yea by the headlines and magazine covers she’s had – i would think her fans would be older…

  4. Jen says:

    I could have told you that, hilary fans are like 12-13 years old they go nuts for her because of lizzy, good luck promoting your book I need to buy it on amazon!

  5. Drusilla says:

    I’ve always thought Hilary Duff’s fans were kids, too. But I do suspect leaving a poster up might have worked better in this case.
    Oh well. I’m sure Back Talk will do just fine even without concert-postcard getters 🙂

  6. I f-ing love Hillary Duff…she has a hot new line of craft products, iron ins and what not…she’s like a young innocent yet whorey Martha Stewart.

  7. Jon says:

    Holy moly.. that’s hilary duff?! She looks fantastic with brown hair. I never previously found her attractive… yup, I just googled her, not interested in her as a blonde. Strange.

  8. I have a soft place in my heart for Hilary,because my oldest adored her. There was a time ,that if it didn’t have la Duff or Lohan in it I had to wait for the movie to come out on DVD(also why I feel disappointment in yucky Lindsey). Now that my littlest will be in school 4 days,I gotta get Back Talk!

  9. Emma says:

    OH MY GOD. I used to totally watch Lizzie McGuire and want to be her kooky friend who wore hair chopsticks.
    I loathe her now. But back then, Hil was my hero.

  10. pins&needles says:

    Well, I guess that some kids have to grow up and it’s weird seeing them do adult stuff, like posing in Maxim. At least the kid’s not a cokehead like Lindsey (there’s no fixin’ that girl, I swear). But I like her craft stuff that I saw at Michael’s the other day. I first thought “lame”, but when I looked at it, it was cool stuff that I would want to use. I guess she’s just trying to build a career out of her image like the Olsen twins and is successfully doing it. Now that I think about it, the Hilary fans should be older. I mean, the girl is 19, but it’s hard when you have her image.

    Don’t feel bad about the promotional flop cuz it’s basically the only one that didn’t really do well. And I bet if you really did have cracksicles, it would make events go over really well (except for the cops and some of the mothers).

  11. shaira says:

    what the hell is “scrapbooking” anyway?

  12. hahahah, how embarrassing that must have been! Maybe you should try a justin timberlake concert. All the teens I know, like my niece, are totally into the emo bands as well regina spektor, amy winehouse, she is at the age were she could NOT be caught dead listening to full on pop even thought she totally worshiped ms. duff a few years ago. kidz…

  13. Raisa says:

    I used to be a huge fan when I was 12 (= i used to watch the show and everything and sang “this is what dreams are made of” yeah, i remember those times. haha.

    Now look at her all sexy on Maxim’s cover!, interesting, huh?, and i also saw pictures of her and her new boyfriend (: and he was grabbing her bum on some (=, times change.


  14. Seraphine says:

    Hilary is changed from the old Lizzie days, but her audience hasn’t. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  15. shari says:

    Just wanted to let you know I ordered it from Amazon and it will be arriving soon. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  16. Kirafashion says:

    I love sports, all kinds of!

    a kiss

    and thanks so much for coming to my page!


  17. Arsheen says:

    have to admit she looks good on that cover of Maxim, a bit schizophrenic there, a la Britney Spears 1998 😉

  18. They’ll prolly think you have too many cuss words! lomfgdl

  19. Samantha says:

    She looks great on the Maxim cover!

    Sorry it wasn’t a good outlet for promoting your book. I was wondering if you’d sent a press release to Nancy Pearl, the Library Lady (or whatever she’s called!)


    I think writers used to promote their work on the ChickLit forums — just checked and it looks as though they’ve undergone a complete reno (http://www.chicklit.com/).

    The storyline sounds great, Alex. I’m making my way through a long TBR (not much reading this summer!) and plan to read it in future.

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