Let’s Bolt

The art show Saturday night was a blast. It was a nice cool evening, but there was no AC or open windows in the room, so it got completely hot, sweaty, and frizzy by the end of the night. (But I’ll spare you the pictures of the really sweaty dude—eeew!). As I mentioned in my last post, the show (called Let’s Bolt) was curated by my friends Julie at mcc, Lumi Tan, and Matt Lucas. Each piece had to represent a concert/show you wish you’d gone to, but didn’t/couldn’t. What a great idea, right? As soon as I heard about it, I knew exactly what to do. See, when I was in 6th grade, I had tickets to the HOTTEST show in town: MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice. That’s right biatches. My friends and I were so excited to see Vanilla Ice perform live! But on the day of the show, I got the flu, and my parents said I should stay home. Sob. I’ve always regretted missing that…
Anyway, here’s my piece and a wide shot from the evening:
I know the image quality of this picture is awful, but you’ll have to take my word for it that my piece looked amazing. Glitter is a godsend.

Other concerts-I-wish-I’d-gone-to entries included Cher, En Vogue, Guided By Voices, Duran Duran, Black Flag, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth …

What about you? Is there a band you wish you’d seen, but missed? Either w/in your lifetime or before you were born?

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  1. I missed the Nickleback concert back in July. And if I had been around in 66, I would have totally gone to the Monteray Pop Fest.

  2. jayne says:

    haha, that’s so awesome! all of the concerts i wished i could’ve gone to are made up for by the fact that the band usually returns within less than a yr, such as the case with- imogen heap, the killers, deathcab, and damien rice. but i am jealous you’re seeing rilo kiley! see, they are coming to MN, but it’s a shitty venue my dad won’t let me go to, sooo 🙁

  3. Maggie says:

    Ha ha, I remember my friend had tickets to that Vanilla Ice/MC Hammer tour and everyone else was sooooo jealous.

    When I was a sophomore in high school, I was supposed to go see R.E.M. with Radiohead opening, but my parents wouldn’t let me go because they had decided that the friend I was going with was a bad influence. Which she was, so kudos to them. I still really, REALLY wish I’d gotten to see Radiohead circa the Bends. I saw them a couple years ago at Coachella and was like, “Nah, I wanted to see them in 1995. This isn’t the same.”

    The three acts I would love to see but never will are Elliott Smith, the Smiths, and the Cocteau Twins. Cocteau Twins were supposed to play at Coachella in 2005, but they backed out and I was piiiiissed. But then Elizabeth Fraser, the lead singer, sang with Massive Attack last year, so I was appeased.

  4. pins&needles says:

    I had an opportunity to see the Smashing Pumpkins’ “final” show and tickets were still available. I would have to drive all the way to Chicago and stuff, but I had an accounting class that I didn’t want to flunk and was afraid that I would have to get the same teacher that I absolutely feared. So, I didn’t go but now that I look back, I really regretted doing that. But now I’m gonna see them in Memphis and that’ll take care of that regret.

  5. WAT says:

    Well hellooooooooooo!

    The Beatles! OMG! THE BEATLES HANDS DOWN And it would’ve been nice to see The original Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepellin, and Queen.

    Alas, we do still have the recordings thankfully.

  6. andrew Karre says:

    I almost got my parents to let me go see Nirvana in 1991 . . . . I succeeded next year and got to see Smashing Pumpkins, but I don’t think my grandchildren will be impressed by that.

  7. jayne says:

    actually, surprisingly, you have no bugged me about the book. but i did look for it at b&n and the did not have it! i was shocked, b&n is the mecca, screw borders, but i guess it cannot be perfect. ill continue searching, def wanna read it!

  8. gilda says:

    OH MY GOD vanilla ice!!! HAHAHAHAHA that cracked me up. i was a huge fan of new kids and take that!! so vanilla ice was around that era and i can still remember the ENTIRE ice ice baby song, complete with the rap! hee hee!!!

    oh i wish i’d gone to see more michael jackson concerts. and i love the beatles, so i wish i could go back in time and see them too. and i wish i’d gotten to know xjapan and lunasea (my 2 favorite j-rock bands) much earlier, before many sagas happened and they disbanded. they’re still the greatest rock bands on earth!! i still wish to see many more smap concerts but i guess to some people, i’ve seen enough. i wish i’d gotten to know them much earlier though!! 🙁

  9. I would pic Queen and The Beatles. Great post idea!

  10. Modern Marie says:

    im in love with your art – love the glitter!
    concerts i wish i could have gone to: the beatles, fleetwood mac/stevie nicks, britney spears believe it or not (oops i did it again era – def not now), and the red hot chili peppers in the 90’s (the sock days lol – is that gross? i dont kno i think its kinda funny). im working on getting some rilo kiley tickets tho – they already went on sale, so we’ll see….
    great post!

  11. Tiff says:

    ok well i still want to see modest mouse – and i’m going sunday if i don’t die from excitement before then!

    i also want to see travis and coldplay. those are top of my list i think. never seen either of them. and i saw ben folds once, and he was amazing, so i want to see him again.

    i DID see Paul McCartney about 5 years ago, and he sang a ton of Beatles songs, and it was pretty cool!

    i think 2 people i WISH i could see but never will are:
    Bing Crosby – I just love his voice
    Dave Brubeck Trio – their jazz is incredible

  12. CGCL says:

    You are f’n awesome. Vanilla Ice??? I was going to Weird Al concerts and Color me Badd, gawd I was such an uncool child. I am sorry I missed this, it looks like fun!

    I want to see Carole King back in the 70s on her piano.
    I also want to see Gwen Stefani minus the mega-theatre and screaming kids. Everyone else I have seen, I managed to even catch Tom Waits in Detroit on his latest tour and that man NEVER tours, it was the best concert ever.

  13. Samantha says:

    Hey, Alex!

    Your work is beyond awesome. Love your treatement — the depth you’ve created, and, just to state the obvious — yours is the piece that really stands out!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Am adding you to our Delightful Divas Blogroll!

    And, because my connection is so dogged out this eve, I wanted to just say — you really rock that wedding dress. Love the B & W think you had going on, and your cake toppers are a hoot! Best in love and life to you both!

    Tried to click thru to Amazon, because I do want to see what your book’s about. Not able to do so at the moment, so later, for sure. I’ll be back!

  14. Raisa says:

    aww that sucks you missed the concert of your life because you had a flu.

    The bands I like have never ever came here for a concert, that kind of sucks. I guess they don’t have a big market here =/


  15. emma says:

    I was supposed to go to Coachella with my cousins and friends this year, but…it didn’t happen (my parents freaked out).
    I would also sell my soul, and my laptop, to see Regina Spektor.
    Or the Rolling Stones.

  16. Tiff says:

    i know. i totally need to buy your book! i actually made my purchase at bn.com last night…then like 2 minutes i was like ‘CRAP!!!!!’ so i will def get it soon!

    i tried to get it at barnes and noble IN PERSON but of course they didn’t have it. boo.

  17. Meg says:

    Vanilla Ice? Whhaaaa?! It’s like I don’t know you AT ALL.
    I always wanted to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in real life because they looked like fun in Clueless.
    Also, you can never have too much glitter, too little? Yes. Too much? Nein.

  18. Alright complete geekyness served up right here. After seeing the “Liza with a Z” concert broadcast on HBO I definitely wish I had been there to hear her sing, ” I gotcha! U-huh u-huh,you thought I wouldn’t see ya now dintcha” WITH Bob Fosse choreography! Dang ,I bet that was fun!

  19. Oh,and just to share with Maggie,I’ve seen the Cocteau Twins live twice. They were indeed the most wonderful concerts I ever attended!
    Oh,and Alex,I love the Vanilla Ice inspired piece!!!

  20. Obviously this is a GREAT post ,I keep coming back for more,I would have loved to be a prescient fly on the wall for a Sex Pistols concert!

  21. Whoa, did you say Sonic Youth? Koo-all. I was at a Sonic Youth show, and it rocked. Very small club. Guitars everywhere, all over the stage, and I swear Thurston Moore seemed to use a different guitar on every song.

  22. Fine: Duran Duran, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth.
    Shit: Cher, En Vogue, Guided By Voices, Black Flag.

    Dark kiss.

  23. Celise says:

    N’Sync. Seriously. Thoes boys could dance!

    Justin Timberlake – he’s been thru here, like, twice, and I’m pissed that I didn’t have the money to go either time.

    Linkin Park – although I think I would’ve passed out from heat exhaustion by the time they came on because there were, like, 50 other bands (maybe less), opening up for them. And it was an outside venue. In the middle of August. No thanks.

    Fall Out Boy – they’ve been thru here twice and I have yet to get my “Dance, Dance” on.

    30 Seconds to Mars – the second time around. I saw them when they were promoting the first album and I got a chance to meet Jared Leto (hey, Alex, I’m a “My So-Called Life” fan, too…who had a major crush on Jordan Catalano). Yes, his eyes really are that round and blue up close and personal.

    I DID get a chance to see Vanilla Ice (and saw his movie twice, LOL). You know what’s funny is that a guy I went to high school with opened up for him. Which was cool.

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