Wedding Pictures!!!

Guess what, guys—I’m finally posting my wedding pictures. Just a few. It was the best day ever. I loved my dress, I loved my shoes, I loved my boyfriend/husband, my bridesmaids, my parents… a whole lotta love. Hope you like the pics as much as I liked getting married! Well, you probably won’t like them THAT much. Weddings are a beautiful thing. Maybe a little cheesy, but all that love in the air—it’s freaking awesome!!

dress1Oh, and as a comparison, here is what the original dress looked like, when I bought it. It’s made by Melissa Sweet. It’s cute, but I LOVE my dress and the alterations we made—I had it made about 6 inches shorter, and changed the tulle from white to pink. I look way better, right? Sorry, don’t mean to toot my own horn! hehe.

My best friend, Amy, got ordained online and performed our marriage ceremony. She did a great job—she only cried a teeny bit in the beginning, but then she really pulled her act together and did a great job. Yay Reverend Amy!Amy

Holy sh*t! We’re married. The ceremony lasted for, like, 2 seconds! (maybe 15 or 20 minutes but it felt short). It all felt like such a blur. Thank god for the pictures!

My special “Beverly Hills 90210” style group photo. The wedding photographer didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, but I insisted on my 90210 shot.

Our cake toppers. Hand sculpted by my dad, these zombie Alex and zombie Andy figurines are an homage to our film company, Potato Riot Films.

And the group shot. This is a signature shot that our wedding photographer always does. We loved it. That’s what 120 people look like all together. Pretty fancy, eh?

Another pic of my fabulous wedding party. My bridesmaids all wore this adorable black sun dress with embroidered flowers from Tibi. And the guys wore sleek Perry Ellis suits. Oh, except Andy wore Joseph Aboud. He looked H-O-T-T-T.

I wish I had more pics of the actual party. My photographer is a little psycho about relinquishing the files. But I’ll get my hands on ’em and maybe post some more pics later. We did a lot of dancing—mostly Motown, some Beatles, some current indie. Lots of good stuff. And the speeches were great. Yes, I cried at my dad’s speech.

Oh, and this was really funny: I’ve chosen not take Andy’s last name, so when we walked into the tent, the DJ says “And now, introducing for the fist time, ALEX and ANDY!”
Uh, yeah. That was kind of weird.
But it was awesome!!!

Have a good weekend everybody.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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39 Responses to Wedding Pictures!!!

  1. rollergirl says:

    WOW that is one hot dress! You look so gorgeous and happy, and I love the wedding pics – very classy! How cute that you were ‘married’ by your best friend …

  2. Boob Lady says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy for you Alex, those pictures are breathtaking!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. oh my goodness, your dress is so perfect! you two look AMAZING. what fun! and i love that your friend married you, i’d love to do the same thing. thanks for the post!

  4. jasu says:

    i love your weding
    i love your dress !

  5. Glam Girl G says:

    Alex, thanks for sharing your special day, I luv the way you made your wedding dress your own by altering it, totally luv the pink tulle. You were a beautiful bride. Love your statement leg bend, so sex and the city-ish… What a cute couple….

  6. Lindsey says:

    The dress is amazing! I love the heighth and the pose with the white heels! So cute!

  7. emma says:

    OH MY GOD. At the risk of sounding like a gushing teenybopper…YOU LOOKED SO GORGEOUS! That dress is just too f/n amazing. If I get married, I want to do a Bev. Hills 90210 shot as well. How many brides request THAT?

  8. emma says:

    P.S. I never get comments from you anymore! :^(
    I’ll just be sad little needy girl over here in the corner.
    No, only joking. For real, those pictures are stunning.

  9. Mrs Fashion says:

    Gorgeous – it’s all gorgeous!
    Getting married is the best – and yes – it’s all over so quickly!
    *Sigh* Do you want to do it all over again? I do…
    Mrs F x

  10. -ciao bella- says:

    lovely pics! what a gorgeous ceremony! i love your dress- it looks way better the way you did it, the pink is genius.

  11. CGCL says:

    it’s all so gorgeous! you, your dress, your hubs, I LOVE it all!!!!!! you are so hot, your wedding is so hot! Ahhh, I am so in love with your wedding.

  12. Modern Marie says:

    love love love your dress!!! and i love how u dyed your dress pink underneath – your hair looked great as well! BEAUTIFUL!

  13. OMG the 90210 shot is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love 90210, so much it hurts.

    and you my dear…the dress is fabulous beyond belief!!!!!!

  14. molly says:

    i LOVE the bubbles! brilliant!!
    and the zombie yous are hilarious
    your wedding sounds like a BLAST
    wish i couldve come haha

  15. WAT says:

    Wow! Amazing photos my sista! LOVE IT!

    I had no idea zombies could get married, but y’all look like very nice photogenic healthy zombies that don’t really eat people.

  16. Celise says:

    Love your dress, Alex. Very retro. And I love the 90210 shot. Classic. LOL. I don’t think I posted any of my pics when I got married last year on my blog. I think I just posted honeymoon shots. There were so many pics, though, that I just threw them up in my flickr acct. If people ever decide to click on the badge on my blog, they’ll see some shots.

    Where’s that place you got married? It’s beutemus!

  17. SRR says:

    Aww…so cute and gorgeous! I love your dress.

  18. pins&needles says:

    Great dress and pretty wedding! I love the idea of the 90210 shot. It makes you guys look all snazzy and too cool to be at the wedding. Plus, I love the zombie cake topper.

  19. S. says:

    Oh my! You give brides a good name! I think you are the most lovely bride, dress and hair and all I have ever seen.

    I love that you didn’t do some mean heinous pastel thing to your bridesmaids. And your dad made that sculpture?! The coolest.

    I am not into weddings but, yours is obvious exceptional.

    Well done!

  20. Congratulations on your wedding.
    Your dress is gorgeous, and you looked amazing in it!

  21. Dona says:

    Your dress is AHH-MAA-ZIIINNG!!!! I love the pink tulle at the bottom…it’s so gorgeous! And I think you can totally wear it to something else…like dinner? =)

    I love that picture of you guys kissing while your friends are standing all around you. Gorgeous!

  22. Maddy says:

    That dress kicks all kinds of ass! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Congrats!

  23. kayla says:

    You look utterly fantastic in all those pics. I think the zombies you topped the wedding cake off with were funny!

  24. Wow! Your dress is so beautiful! What a great wedding! Love all the photos, my favourite is the first one!

  25. Jen says:

    OMIGOD, your wedding dress is amazing, I love looking at pictures like this it gives me inspiration for my future wedding:)

  26. Crazy Eddie says:

    OMG. I am so frickin’ happy for you. You look absolutely gorgeous, with a classic 50’s flare if you ask me. You look stunning, and your groom (despite me being disgruntled and jealous) looks great too…

    The pics are fab and have such character. Not your run-of-the-mill photos of a snoozer of a wedding. Yours had pinache and humor baby!

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS lova.

    Besos para siempre

  27. ohh my!! I didn’t know that u get married now haha.
    You look sooo gorgeous and beautiful.
    And its a nice pic your Beverly pic haha, take care, my best wishes for you!!


  28. Sophie says:

    I LOVE YOUR DRESS! so cute! and the wedding toppers? CUTE! and i really liked how you shortened it. what a difference!

  29. You are the cutey-cutest!!!! I love the whole look and vibe of the wedding! Ofcourse the dress is the absolute perfect centerpiece! I love the alterations you made to the original,and it fits you like a dream(and ofcourse I love the vintage vibe of it)!…and that cake topper! Wowzers!!

  30. All that love is a beautiful thing indeed!

    You’re beautiful and it looks like a great wedding.

    Good for you on keeping your name. Not sure what your reasons were, but as an old feminist, I approve!

    Much love to Alex and Andy forever!

  31. Dilemma says:

    That is one fantastic wedding dress! Your version is a million times better looking. I was reading an old issue of Lucky today and I saw one just like it and tore it out to stick in my journal[not that I ever about marriage or anything…] Loving the 90210 group shot and the zombie cake toppers.

  32. jayne says:

    wow! you look gorgeous! you dress is so fun and flirty, not some victorian virginal lace disaster! the bridesmaid dresses are super sweet too, they will actually be able to wear them again! ๐Ÿ™‚ always a perk. and awesome that your friend preformed the ceremony, awww!

  33. Heidi says:

    congratulations, alex and andy!! what a beautiful, unique wedding party. i love your dress and the bridesmaids are so stylish and hip. you guys are so cute!! and you look so happy. yay. my husband just wandered over and asked if you are at bear mountain? we lived in ny for four years and it looked familiar to us. anyway, best wishes for a lovely and long and luxerious life together. cheers!

    ps. i’m just in from 4 days at scbwi l.a. and it was fabulous. =)

  34. brittany says:

    I love it! You look awesome, congrats! Wow I hope my wedding is that fun. Is your book out yet? I want to get it

  35. G.G. says:

    Oh my GOD! Yes! Your changes were PERFECT! You look like a movie star ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  36. gilda says:

    alex and andy sounds so cute. congratulations!! you two look brilliant together, and you looked so pretty in your dress!! i loved that 90210 shot too. hee hee!!

  37. Gloria says:

    At the risk of sounding airhead-ish, you look totally adorable! That wedding dress must be one of the sweetest dresses I’ve ever seen (loads of personality too!)

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Heather says:

    Oh, wow! I looooove the pictures! Especially the 90210 one! I’m the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding next month (she lives in Vegas, and that’s where it’ll be) — I need to get her photog to get an awesome picture something like that…maybe “Friends”? lol.

  39. Gorgeous dress!!!! (and pictures too)
    Cool zombie figures too.

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