Sex? Again? (Today’s top 5)

1. sexI know the Sex and the City movie isn’t “hot off the presses” news, but I see Cynthia Nixon in my neighborhood a lot, so it was on my mind. (And I thought that would make a funny post title. I’m lame, I know.) But, to be honest, is that going to be any good? The show was fantabulous, but it’s over. Everything that made the show great—cocktails, hot guys, fashion, gossip, hot guys—won’t be the same. We already know that Miranda has a baby (who will already be, what, 7 years old when the movie comes out?) And Charlotte has a kid, too? Right? They adopted a baby, didn’t they? There’s no way Samantha will have kids, but will she still be with her beyond gorgeous actor boyfriend? Will he be a huge star? And Carrie. I don’t think Big would ever want kids, but does she? Will that tear them apart? Is she a hugely successful writer? Thoughts, observations, comments. Please share.

HP 2. HARRY POTTER. I’m afraid to leave my house when the book comes out, for fear that I’ll be trampled to death by psychotic fans! But it’s very exciting. (BTW, that Daniel Radcliffe is growing up to be quite the HOTTTIE.)

3. ROAK!!! bagI’m sure you all know CountryGirl CityLife. She won my “Win a copy of Back Talk” contest a few weeks ago (and she gave the book a great review on Amazon, thanks!). She is a very talented designer (check out her stuff on etsy, I’m totally eying one of her Arm Candy bags). Whoops, I’m getting off track already. CGCL has been trying to instigate ROAKs—Random Acts Of Kindness. They can vary from smiling at people on the street, to helping old ladies get their big fugly carts across Broadway before the light turns red, or (and most excitingly) buying someone a random item off their Amazon Wishlist. Wasn’t I surprised to come home yesterday and have an Amazon package! Thank you CGCL. I can’t wait to read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. And I will definitely be better about ROAKing.

4. An interview about moi at YA Fresh. Thanks for the interview, Kelly! I hope it convinces a couple more people to buy Back Talk.

5. travisTRAVIS!!! Andy and I went to see the band Travis on Sunday night at Irving Plaza and it was one of the BEST shows I’ve ever been to! They came out through the audience, wearing boxing gloves and those satin fighting robes, and high-fived us as they made their way to the stage. They had so much energy and they played all our favorite songs—they even threw bottled water out at the audience because we looked so thirsty! I love a live show with audience participation. It kicked ass. If you don’t already know/like their music, I highly suggest getting an album, probably The Man Who, but they’re all good.

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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  1. shaira says:

    eww. why is harry potter pictured naked with a unicorn?

  2. alexgirl says:

    Hah! It is a bit raunch, isn’t it? He was in a production of Equus in London. It’s about a guy who’s in therapy for his horse obsession. I saw it a really long time ago, so I don’t really remember, but I think it’s kind of erotic…

  3. Jody says:

    That is so funny, I see Cynthia Nixon all the time at the 96th st station. I think its awesome that she loads up her kids on the subway…stars…they’re just like us! Thanks for writing about me, I love RAOK and really only a few of you signed up so I sent for everyone. It feels nice to be nice! I have to think of some more acts for next week. Loved the interview as well.

  4. Tiff says:

    1. Boo for Danny [yeah, we’re tight] being in Equus. Kind of erotic? haha try VERY. I think he had a celebrity kid crisis ala Britney [and so many others] – ‘I have to show the world that I am grown up! I’m not a kid anymore! Therefore I will become a slut!’ Oh my don’t let me go on…

    2. YOU SAW TRAVIS??? I am SO green right now. In fact their CD is playing in my mind right now! Do you know how much I love them? Ahh the jealousy.

    3. I might *possibly* be a crazy fan who is out at midnight tonight…provided that I find someone to go with me [too bad you don’t live in Philly] and also that when I go at 6 pm to get my wristband [lame!] I get a low enough # that I won’t have to suffer until 4 am…only like 1 am?

  5. I agree about the Sex in the City movie, but I know that I’ll probably be there to watch it on opening day. I’m a dork like that. I know it won’t be the same and I know you should never mess with a good thing, but its Sex in the City! I HAVE to see it! lol

  6. Seraphine says:

    Your writing energizes me. I want to go to movies. I want to see Travis. I want to READ! Grats on the interview.

  7. ba doozie says:

    I’m just kicking around here lost as can be. I feel so out of it, I know nothing about any of this stuff. I suppose I should know about it but I don’t … you think I’m a nerd?

  8. Kristen says:

    I am the proud owner of an arm candy bag. You should get one… they are awesome!

    I didn’t know that SITC was doing a movie… I heard talk about it but didn’t know that it was definitely happening. I’m so out of it!

  9. Kelly Parra says:

    Thank you for the interview, Alex!! It was lots of fun. 🙂 🙂 Ohh and Countrygirl CityLife is very talented–great photos!!

  10. Maya says:

    ha, my friend went to see equius(sp?) with daniel radcliffe and a group of us are going to go see it when Jamie bell takes over from him, very exciting stuff.

  11. FM. says:

    Harry-all-grown-up puts the fear in me, and normally I like unicorns.

    & congratulations to you for your book-signing!

  12. Yasamin says:

    oh my god i felt soo dirty when i saw those naked pix of Ratcliff. I mean wow!!! he’s… um… wow.. hehehe *blushes* and the underaged thing made me feel like I was goin to prison. 🙁

  13. Ohh my Harry Potter is really hot !!.

    But i don’t know how’s the movie with horses

  14. ha i just happen to be watching sex and the city at this very moment (great fashion inspiration!)
    also, i admit i was at books-a-million at midnight for my harry potter book last night but unfortunately i’m only about 100 pages in (i’m a horrible fan i know :x)
    congrats on completing your 2nd book!
    xoxo, lauren

  15. Beki says:

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog :o) I’m loving reading through yours – I see we have a bit in common! Being a writer is no good for eye bags I’m discovering, I permantly look like an extra from a zombie movie…

    I was very disturbed by nudey Radcliffe. If I’d been a really wild younger teem I’m old enough to be his mother…

    Ooh and Travis, it always rains on them because they are from Scotland!

  16. Mrs Fashion says:

    SATC: The Movie. Great in theory but when you point out things like the fact Miranda’s child (Brady!) will be seven it’s all a bit weird.
    Daniel Ratcliffe – NOOOOoooooooo! He makes my skin crawl and when my bus used to go past the theatre Equus was showing at I’d have to close my eyes. Seriously the poster was four stories high. Gross.
    And Raoking? That roacks. Sorry. What a rubbish, bleary-eyed Sunday morning piece of word play that was!
    PS: I watched The Way We Were. I cried. A lot.

    Mrs F x

  17. Meg says:

    SATC, Ithe just don’t see how it could work. If they cancel out Big, then what the fuck was the point of last six seasons? And they’re a little old to do a prequel type film.
    Mr Radcliffe will never make me think “Be still my beating heart,” because he’s just not hot. He annoys me.

    Re:Cool beans. I’ll probably get round to it eventually…maybe at the point where I’m the only in the movie theater…though that would creep me out a little.

  18. I remember the excitement when my friend “starred” in Equus when I was in college, becuase of the “full monty”. It’s a serious and intense play, though, and I don’t think taking the role really compares too much to Britney and so many others. Yeah, he wants to show he’s grown up, but it’s hardly slutty. Not that the picture didn’t make me a little squeamish, too. But maybe that’s OUR problem.

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it on Travis, Al. I can’t imagine listening to a band named Travis. Travis? Is it ironic? Okay, now I’m curious. I better listen before I judge.

  19. Heidi says:

    Hey Alex!
    I LOVE Travis! I listened to one of their albums the whole time we were in Australia–back in—uh, 2001 I think? They are so cool–I’ll go see the Sex in the City movie–I’m sure they can think of stuff to spruce it up, but you’re right, once you have kids (which I have) the whole coctail scene is a little out. =9

    Looking forward to your movie of BACK TALK!!

  20. Dan says:

    Someone please tell me how the new Harry Potter ends so that I can have some fun and stand in line at book stores and shout out spoilers with a megaphone. That would rock. 🙂

  21. emma says:

    I’m back! :^)
    I am disgustingly, disturbingly, pathetically excited to buy my copy and read it on the plane tomorrow.

  22. I like Daniel Radcliffe. Yummy. xD. Can’t wait for the SATC movie.

  23. all the sexed up Harry Potter pics look like something out of gay porn, he’s pretty hot, but still…I feel dirty.

    I am scared and excited for the Sex and the City movie…I don;t want the girls to just seem like old tragic hags, you know.

    but….the idea of seeing “Big” on the big screen…YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Travis is a very good live band indeed… I saw them in Paris a couple of years ago and really enjoyed their show.

  25. Celise says:

    I heard about the play and saw him on the cover of Details magazine and you are so right…he’s growing up to be a hottie. His next movie is called “December Boys” and it’s very far from Harry and Hogwarts. I hope he’ll be able to break out of that mold. I hope his fans will let him grow up (I guess doing that play was part of the break-out session). And I hope directors will see beyond the round glasses and give him parts that showcase his growth. Haven’t seen the movie, yet, but I’m getting there. I want to see it at the IMAX theater. Do you think it would be worth going deaf over?

    It’s weird seeing these child actors grow up, y’know? You don’t see them for a while and then, BAM! They’re in a movie and you’re like, “Wow. That’s the kid from the Sixth Sense? He’s all grown up.” Personally, I can’t wait to see how Dakota Fanning turns out. I think she’s great.

  26. Mrs Fashion says:

    Donnie Adrko, tear-jerker… Hmm… Hearing Mad World is enough to make me weep, so that’s fair enough!!
    Mrs F x

  27. Mrs Fashion says:

    Obviously that’s ‘Darko’ not Adrko… soz

  28. Love those equus pics ! Ofcourse I will see the movie,but your right,they will all be totally different people. Motherhood changes you in distictively UN sex and the city ways,Miranda knew that ,its why she left Manhattan. …but out of the otherside of my mouth motherhood is quite interesting,and those clever writers will surely show how “growth”in the city can keep those characters interesting.

  29. Alexa says:

    Back with avengeance.

    Harry Potter’s been on my brain as well.

  30. WAT says:


    “And if you sing, sing, siiiiiing, and if you sing, SING, SING, SIIIIIING…”

  31. Crazy Eddie says:

    Sex and the City… memories. Now don’t get me wrong… I did enjoy it greatly, but sometimes those chicks would get on my last nerve. Glad to hear the movie is in the works. I interested to see what they’ll come up with. Allz I know is that Samantha better still be that fabulous whore we all loved and adored. The bish was great…


  32. sara says:

    TRAVIS!?! I want to see them soo badly! lucky

    x sara o

  33. gkgirl says:

    i really wasn’t going to comment a second time
    and sound like a stalker
    but i have to tell you
    that the snow flower book
    once you get past the foot binding stuff…
    but then it totally rocks.

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