Buenas dias mi amigas! I’m back, and let me tell you, my wedding KICKED ASSSSSS!

I’m still waiting for the pics from our wedding photographer, but DIZZAMN it was awesome. Not that I’ve been to many weddings—and obviously I’ve never been to my own wedding before—but it was the most freakin’ amazing/off da chain/bizzomb wedding ever. Serio. The weather was perfect. Andy looked completely adorable in his trendy, skinny suit. And I looked pretty fantabulous in my wedding dress!

One minor hiccup: the DJ was having so much fun watching our ceremony that he forgot to play the recessional music. That kind of pissed me off since Andy and I had spent, like, 3 days trying to choose our song (Two of Us by The Beatles)… I wanted to throw my bouquet at the stupid DJ’s head and scream “Wake up, dickface! I’m not paying you to stand around with your thumb up your ass!” But I’m not a crazy movie star BIATCH, so I just smiled and pretended not to care. I mean, worse things could’ve happened, right? I didn’t trip and fall, or vomit all over Andy, or hyperventilate—all scenarios I had prepared myself for.

Okay, I don’t want to bore you guys with too many details (yes I do, but I’m trying to restrain myself!!), but I do want to show you guys what Andy gave me as a wedding present. It should look familiar to most of you out there in Blogland:
It’s called “Into You Goes Everything I Know” and it’s by Jennifer Gordon at Stiletto Heights! Thanks Jenn!! I told Andy how much I love your stuff, and he got me something. I am one lucky bride. He got a gorgeous frame for it, and now we just have to find somewhere in our small apartment to put it. If anyone has ideas about how to mount shit on the ceiling, please let me know.

< Here's what I gave Andy as a wedding present. It's kind of hard to tell what that is from this picture, but it's handwritten lyrics to "Night Nurse"---our first dance song. I emailed the band, Dean & Britta, and asked them if they would do it, and they very kindly said yes. And wrote congrats at the bottom, under the lyrics. Kind of a cool gift, if I do say so myself.

Oh, I also made him a silly Tshirt at neighborhoodies that says Marriage is Awesome on the front, and I’m Not A Loser Anymore on the back. It’s kind of a long story, but we used to have this friend who went around flaunting her boyfriend in everyone’s face and saying “I finally have a boyfriend! Look! I’m not a loser anymore.” It was so ridiculous that we’ve been quoting her ever since.

Anyways… sorry for the rambling. It was just so much fun! I even requested Peter Bjorn & John from the DJ to get the party going. OK, I’m getting totally sick of that song now because I request it every single time I see a DJ, but you gotta admit it’s catchy and fun to dance to. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might even be starting to like reggaeton. Maybe it’s just all that Rum I drank in Puerto Rico… rum

More pics to come. Thanks for all the awesome congratulatory comments you guys!!!! Can’t wait to read what kinda trouble you all have been up to!

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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32 Responses to Hola!!

  1. Emma says:

    you’re BACK! Yay! I am so glad you had a fantabulous wedding with rum and the beatles and fabulous wedding presents.
    was that girl REALLY your interviewer? NO WAY!

  2. Woohoo!!! You are back and tan, you bitch. You snagged yourself a hottie man, endless rum, and a tan, I am about to puke green. Seriously, I am so happy for you and glad that all went smoothly. I LOVE your wedding present, how absolutely thoughtful of your hubs.

  3. pins&needles says:

    Your wedding sounded fun! Hope you had lots of fun in Puerto Rico. Glad your back.

  4. jayne says:

    yay! you’re back! please do try & bore me with a gazillion wedding details! i have nothing better to do & that way i can live vicariously through you haha. glad the wedding was amazing! can’t wait to see more pics! the wedding gifts are super sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ & your honeymoon looks amazing, i’m trรƒยจs jealous, your swimsuit looks cute too, from what i can see.

    oh and as for what trouble i’ve been causing, well you know, the usual: robberies, hanging out w/ kate & pete- i obviously don’t remember anything from that night, it’s insane! i need your guidance….haha

  5. Tiff says:

    CONGRATS! and that pic of you at the end is probably going to inspire me to go buy a blender and have myself a little party tonight. haha. can’t wait to see some pics of the wedding!

    on another note:
    a. looking forward to reading your book
    b. i am so lame that i just took pics of myself with my modest mouse ticket. oh yes.

  6. Tiff says:

    oh, and after thinking about what happened this morning at the YMCA [go read and have a good laugh] – it’s definitely time for some rum. i mean fun.

  7. I’m happy for you, it sounds like you had the most amazing wedding! Congrats! love the presents, both of them. How was Puerto Rico?

  8. Congrats again on the wedding, and I am more than thrilled you liked your gift….I am notorious for ruining surprises it took all my will power not to tell you.


  9. you rule, Alex. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  10. -ciao bella- says:

    yay! you’re back! i’m so excited! god taht sounds like an awesome wedding! i can’t wait to see the pics, and those are such cool wedding presents, that was really creative with the song lyrics and t-shirt. anyways, congrats! i’m so happy for you!

    p.s. about the whole mounting things on the ceiling, i put a few frames up there and i just went to the hardware store and asked for these things that you nail up on the ceiling and they have a tab thing that comes around the front and that makes it not fall… sorry that probably wasn’t very helpful but i just hung stuff up on my ceiling like 2 days ago

  11. Sorry, but I just have to say that the lyrics gift is an EXCELLENT idea… I hope you don’t mind if I start recommending it ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. kayla says:

    Writing the song you guys frist danced to is sooo sweet. Glad your wedding rocked.sorry about the dj.

  13. Celise says:

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful wedding, Alex. People really enjoyed ours last year and we were getting compliments for weeks (I think part of it had to do with my father’s speech, too. It was pretty amazing). Glad you enjoyed the honeymoon, too. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  14. The Boob Lady says:

    Thank Jesus that you’re back! I’ve had the shakes! I missed you Alex! So so glad that your wedding was fantastic. I can’t wait to see pictures. xoxoxo

  15. Alexa says:

    Once again, miss…Congratulations. And many happy…whatevers.

    Sorry I missed your B-Day. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ALEX!!

    So many great things at once…you should share some of that awesomeness with me! Lol jk.

    I hope you’re having a good go-about with everything.

  16. molly says:

    oh my god! congraulations i looove weddings and yours sound incredible

    cant wait to see the wedding pictures

  17. rollergirl says:

    Aw you sound so happy, glad it was a great day x

  18. Lady says:

    Congrats! That is so fantastic! So glad to find your blog….and yes of course! I would love to trade links.

  19. Meg says:

    Erm, I think you have the best life ever. Possibly the best boy ever too. Your wedding presents are freakin’ cool. Marriage sounds dreamy.
    I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be the most awesome semi-housefrau ever!

  20. where the hell have I been? I just “discovered” your blog after I read your comment on my friend Lady’s blog (You say i’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing) and I’m in love!

  21. lauren says:

    those are such awesome wedding gifts haha. you guys seem like you have an amazing relationship! looking forward to seeing more honeymoon pictures!


    btw youve been tagged on my blog. checkkk it out ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. alexgirl says:

    I’m sorry, but I just have to say how funny it is that I have a comment from a Wedding Photographer. I wonder if I’ve been discussing my nuptials a little too much, and my wedding vibes are starting to draw in a targeted audience. Hah.

    And thanks for the tag, Lauren!! that’ll be my next post!

  23. Your weddingsounds like it was wonderful,with definitely one forgivable hitch! For me the forgivable hitch was babys breath in the bouquet of perfect white roses! I plucked them out! What awesome wedding presents,soooooo clever! I got my hubs a monogrammed Tumi backpack for his 1st day of grad school(not so romantic,but probably the only time in our marriage I was practical!).

  24. Maggie says:

    I downloaded Peter, Bjorn and John after you introduced me to them on the night of your bachelorette party. I actually found the specific mix they were playing at Beauty Bar — if you don’t have it, I’d be happy to give it to you.

    My LJ address is linked to this comment, so feel free to read. Most of the posts are friends only, though (trying to make it more presentable to potential employers), so to read everything you’ll need to make an LJ account for free and then I can add you to my “friends list”. It’s all very high school and hush hush.

    Thanks for having us over last night!

  25. emma says:

    I forgot to mention that your sunglasses are the sunglasses of the Lord. That is supposed to be a good thing, as in “your sunglasses rock”, not “Jehovah’s Witnesses would wear your sunglasses”. Not that Jehovah’s Witnesses are bad. Oh, I don’t know.

  26. Seraphine says:

    For a moment, when you started describing the DJ, I thought you were going to do a Bridezilla rant. Nothing ever goes perfectly at a wedding, and those sometimes become the most endearing memories. Those are awesome wedding gifts, by the way. /hugs

  27. WAT says:

    Congratulations on yer wedding! TWO OF US by The Beatles huh? LOVE IT!

  28. Awww, congrats! Your tan – I’m jealous- I’m extremely p a l e! I really like your red shades… although I do not know if I could pull the look off. Is that a Betsey Johnson swimsuit? It’s adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  29. Modern Marie says:

    CONGRATS!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding song – perfect… i hope my future husband has good taste in music!

  30. ambika says:

    1) Congrats! It sounds awesome.
    2) I can’t imagine sweeter, cooler gifts. You guys must be a rad couple.

  31. alex says:



    very happy for you! you gotta post some pics! ๐Ÿ˜€

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