Happy Twin powers, ACTIVATE!


I kept looking at this picture of Mary Kate & Ashley at the Chanel/Lagerfeld show, and thinking to myself, “There’s something off about this…” and I finally figured it out. They’re smiling! I don’t know, but don’t they always just look so damn mopey? Okay, I’m lying—I found plenty of pics of them smiling, but somehow, to me, they still usually look extremely brooding and despondent.

It’s this horrible catch-22 where they’re rich enough to afford all the food in the world, but they’re not allowed to actually, like, eat anything. Must be hard.

And now there’s talk of them becoming the new Bond Girls? video Ugh, no wonder they’re smiling all of a sudden. I’d smile too if I got to make out with Daniel Craig (wait, is he even going to do another bond movie?). But seriously though. The Olsen Twins as the new BGs? That doesn’t sound right. I get that they’re PYT’s (you know: Pretty Young Things), but I still see them as little obnoxious, catch-phrase-wielding Michelle from Full House. James Bond isn’t supposed to have kinky sex with little girls who spent years making movies called The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I’ve never watched one of those movies, but I must admit being intrigued by The Case of the Hotel Who-Done-It. Sounds intense!
Anyway, it’s just hard for me to picture them as Bond Girls. It doesn’t seem fair. Why can’t I be a bond girl?

And speaking of Bond girls, what’s your opinion on the last BG, Eva Green? I thought she looked like a duck, but everyone else was like “No, are you kidding! She’s frigging beautiful!” Maybe I’m just crazy, or insane with jealousy!! bond

albumSorry for the mega-short post. They’re all gonna be short for a while, cuz the countdown is at t=-19 days till the wedding.

But let me just say this: If you don’t already have the new Peter, Bjorn & John album, I highly suggest getting it, because it’s f*cking amazing.

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28 Responses to Happy Twin powers, ACTIVATE!

  1. Maya says:

    i do think she is extremely gorgeous. i dont get why your jealous though, daniel craig looks like a monkey

  2. seb says:

    Ya know, that’s disappointing about the Olsen twins maybe being the next BGs. So damn skinny, kinda hollow looking… I sorta feel sorry for them.

    And Eva Green, I wasn’t really so much a fan of her in the last Bond movie. I like Bond girls to be a little more, I dunno, sexy or something, and she wasn’t sexy, in my opinion… I also think it’s nice when the BG has a slight edge to her, like, slightly naughty or something…

  3. Modern Marie says:

    the twins arent the best actresses ever…… it would be weird for them to be in a Bond movie… hmmm..

    p.s. LOVE the new Peter Bjorn and John Cd, they were on Leno friday night – I dont think I’ll ever get tired of Young Folks

  4. Alexa says:

    She is pretty, but I understand where you’re getting duck from…she does look rather…duckish.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley…ugh…I never really liked them. And the E! True Hollywood story about their lives (so far) just made me hate them.

  5. rollergirl says:

    Eva Green? Never seen her act but I do think she looks cool, and that’s the important thing, right?

  6. molly says:

    oooohh i love my olsens!
    heyyy michelle, obnoxious? i dont THINK so, mister

  7. Cris Lazoru says:

    Yes the Olsen look weird smiling but totally good anyway.
    Love the outfits.


  8. Celise says:

    Me being a huge JB fanatic, first off let me just say that:

    1) I was impressed with Daniel Craig. Great body, but he seemed kinda short to me. I would’ve preferred Clive owen.

    2) Even though I was impressed with him–this was supposed to be a more “raw” JB–he has yet to grow on me. We’ll see how he does in the next installment.

    3) Didn’t like Eva Green.

    4) Nor would I like the Olsen twins. Too pervy and they’re not sophisticated enough to pull it off.

  9. emma says:

    Man, your wedding is rapidly approaching! Hope it’s absolutely fab.
    I’ve always wanted to give the Olsens, if not a sound bitch slap, at least a little double tap on the face to remind them that they are, in fact, annoying.

  10. She was odd looking, I agree.

    Don’t get me started on the skeletwins…I hate them. I don’t know why. I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the ever visible clavicles and ribcages.

    Daniel Craig in a manly bikini bottom was hot. I would have also preferred Clive Owen, or a young Sean Connery again.. Oh, to go back in the years..


  11. And, OMFG!!! 19 Days!! Hoooooray!!

  12. Crazy Eddie says:

    OMG. The Olsen twins each carrying a gun? Double O trouble I say! The frickin’ guns are too heavy for them. It’s just not safe… lol.

    I always see these girls as… well… girls. They resemble young girls dressing up in their momma’s clothes. Am I the only one who sees it?

    A New York Minute was kiddie porn. My gosh. LMAO

    As for their not smiling… you couldn’t have said it better. Those two chicks (despite their gargantuan bank accounts) always have that pissed off/hungry angst look. A burger can do wonders for their soul.

    Besos my love…

  13. Brittany says:

    the olsens aren’t in the running for bond girls i heard. the studio said so.

  14. pins&needles says:

    I’m not sure they shouldn’t be BGs, but they don’t really have the look. BGs usually look more mature and can seduce people with their looks. I don’t think they have that.

  15. jayne says:

    alex, i missed you! please try to post more, save me from my homework, but i guess a wedding is a bit more demanding haha…

    i know what you mean about mk&a they always have these looks like “yes i had an eating disorder, i bet you wonder if i still do, that or you’re just a jealous biatch that you aren’t as skinny as me…” or “yes, im ashley, the classier sis, but mk and her stupid -want- for -attention- eating -disorder always grabs peoples attention” they always look so smug and depressed, odd

    bond girls!!! michelle tanner who everyone used to fawn over is going to be in a movie series where one of the lines was “now everyone will know you died scratching my balls”….uhh no! even if half the world doesn’t have a heart attack after seeing the olsens nonviriginal (some people are still naive), the fact that they have that former reputation just wouldn’t work….eva greene was hot (sorry alex, but you’re the minority), she was never in a sleepover videos….

    and yes daniel is signed up for the next one, but i would leave if i were him if the olsens are signed!

  16. …and don’t you know when those pesky,but somewhat admittedly cool,twins say”FORM OF AWESOMENESS”,they look at each other and say “Hey ,we didn’t change at all,and you look just like me!”.

  17. Dan says:

    “It doesn’t seem fair. Why can’t I be a bond girl?”

    I agree! You SHOULD be a BG. Totally! Look at you! Wait a second … where are you?

    I agree … Eva Green is a duck. The hottest, sexiest, most beautiful duck ever. But still.

  18. Jody says:

    The bond girls keep declining, I agree. They need to re-think the olsen gals. much better than the amy winehouse rumor, though. Love her music, wouldn’t want to see her on my tv. you can come party with me anytime, in fact you might need it once all the wedding bizness is over!

  19. sara says:

    Those twins do look especially happy in that photo.

    I was listening to 99x the other day and I heard that they might be in the Bond movies, and I gagged. – ewww
    The radio people said they might sign the contract as long as they don’t have to do any sex seens or strip. (which I don’t think any guys would want to see their bony bodies)
    – But if they won’t do a sex seen, and not to sound gross, but HELLO there’s ALWAYS a sex seen in the Bond movies it just wouldn’t be complete with out one.

    Also the bond ladies have always been exotice and volumptiuos, The Olsen Twins are the complete oposite!!

    I liked the last bond girl, i thought she was very classic and pretty.

    I love the song Young Folks and Teen Love

    x sara o

  20. The last Bond Girl is pretty, not gorgeous, I think that the Bond Girl should allways be gorgeous. And about the Olsen twins, love the part when you say that they can buy oll the food they want, but they can not it!

  21. alex says:

    icky. mk&a…. arent what i would call “hotties” theyre more….. cokewhore-esque than mega beauties! but hey maybe if they fixed their fugly hair….. well….. nah, they couldnt ever pull it off!

    and that one girl… does look… what was is that alexa said “duckish” heh heh……

  22. Heidi says:

    Hi Alex! First off, congratulations! How exciting! Secondly, I totally agree about the Olsen Twins (if the T in twin capitalized? Are they trade-marked?) and the Duck-look-alike-Bond-girl. I hated the ending where she drowns in that stupid cage. Scanning down your posts, I *loved* your description of the boy w/ the drum sticks in his back pocket. Nicely handled. =) Best wishes to you! Come sea me soon!

  23. the last Bond girls was like the most beautiful woman alive, besides angelina jolie.

    I am so grossed out my the olsen’s being the new bond girls. and I love them.

    wait, would they be sharing the role like they did on Full House, and only be playing 1 Bond Girl, or would it be both of them.

  24. sophie says:

    well, it’s just that the olsens never smile with teeth. they smile, and purse their lips out to make them look bigger. and them as the new bond girls? cannot see it working out. and as for eva green, i thought she was a horrible bond girl. let’s hopoe that amy wine-whatever- doesn’t become the new bond girl, although, she can’t be the bond girl and sing the opening theme right? well, i hope so.

  25. NomadGirl says:

    Hey Alex! I’m glad you had a chance to see Black Book and that it didn’t disappoint! Have you seen 28 Days Later yet? I got duped into seeing Spiderman 3 instead last weekend–ewwwwww! I’m still tallying up the minutes of my life I wasted on that inflated piece of poo. Sorry I haven’t responded to you–I still haven’t figured out how to do that on my blog. Need to update it soon, too 🙁

    So…my thoughts on Eva Green? Love her! I thought she was the most multi-dimensional BG ever. I hated to see her go at the end. I think she set the bar high for the next batch. MK and A do not cut it!! I saw Eva in The Dreamers–very French film, let me put it that way. I mean that in a good way 😉 There’s stuff in it that would never be in an American film. Anyway, thought she was very good in that, too. I watched the extremely long and boring featurette on the DVD as well, and apparently it was her first film ever. Rock on Eva–and I love the goth-wear she’s always troucing around in at premieres!

  26. -ciao bella- says:

    hmmm- i actually would kind of like to see mk and ashley as the new bond girls… but as for ava (eva?) green- i think she’s gorgeous! i mean she has unique looks but i still think she’s gorgeous. congratulations on the wedding! i can’t wait to hear all about it!

  27. !!!!! says:


  28. Olsen twins as Bond Girls = not okay. Actually, Olsen twins acting in any roles = not okay.

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