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Okay peeps, I have a new Poll Topic (of sorts):

Don’t laugh, but I was watching All My Children the other day, and they are all just SO freaking crazy! I started thinking, “What would happen if I were transplanted into their little Soap Opera-land?” I don’t think I would make any friends. They’re all so friggin’ catty and self-absorbed. Plus I don’t know any bigamists, I don’t spend 1/2 my day praying to god that so-and-so will get out of a coma, and I only have 1 father (so boh-ring). And they wear tacky clothes. And they have stupid names like Patch, and Babe.
But I digress…

So, here’s the question: What show would you most like to be a character on & do you think you’d fit in?
…Because, I would have loved to be on 90210, but again, I don’t have a crazy drug addiction, or 3 convertibles, or an illegitimate child. Damn it all to hell!
bettyI think I’d probably choose Ugly Betty—cuz I know tons of leggy transgendered she/males & illegal Mexican immigrants. Oh, wait, hold on. That’s totally not true either. BUT, they get to be catty and fabu all the time, and wear trendy cute clothes (except Betty, of course.) And they have a fun fashiony job. Yeah. That would rock.

30 Or maybe 30 Rock, because although I haven’t ever actually seen it, I used to work for a TV show in 30 Rock, so I bet I already know the ropes and stuff. Wait, did that get canceled because Alec Baldwin yells at his kid (like 1/2 the friggin’ parents in the world…)


Oh, wait, wait, wait! I have it: Will & Grace. I would have made an EXCELLENT Karen’s sister. Yes, I think that’s my final decision.

Or a contestant on ANTM. I’m kidding.

OKay, so now it’s your turn. Again, the Q is: What show do you want to be on & would you fit in?

rickips-Did anyone get their copy of see the last US Weekly? The picture of Ricki kind of freaks me out. It’s awesome and everything that she lost weight, but she is sucking in her tummy like a mo’fo. Seriously, she looks like she’s going to start hyperventilating. Scary. Am I being too mean?

pps-Special thanks to Marley at the YA Writers Blog. She held a contest to name and describe a cute guy for her new book, Rush – A Sisterhood Novel, and I won! God, how freaking amazing am I? wait–don’t answer that.
Here’s the description I gave:

“Piercing blue eyes. A choppy, rocker ‘do. He always carries drumsticks in the back pocket of his skinny jeans and taps them in the air when he’s bored, kind of a cute, A.D.D. quirk. And I’d call him Zach Daniels. Or Tug McCloud. Or Vaughn.”

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I'm a YA novelist livin' in fabulous Brooklyn with my husband and our two kitties. I love film making, photography, music, chocolate, sushi, friends, cardio, TV, and a bunch of other crap I can't think of. One published novel, Back Talk, available at Amazon. (and another one in progress!)
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  1. Maya says:

    Fun game! i don’t know… umm…..
    i’d love to be on ugly betty, and work with christina and shes scottish and im english so that would work.
    Scrubs would be so fun although hospitals kind of freak me out soi guess that wouldnt work.
    friends is a kind of obvious one but i still have to mention it, who doesnt want to be on friends?

  2. oooh! good question! i could always imagine myself on arrested development – i think i would have been a fantastic girlfriend for jason bateman’s character (swoon). and being around crazy people would not be unusual for me, and also totally fun. i wonder what my arrested development name would be…

  3. I would so be Kelly from 90210, except no modeling career, or almost dying in a fire, or bmw, or being in a cult, or being raped, or having sex with steve sanders…

    but my bubs is totally dylan and we would have had a past life in the old west together.

  4. I always wanted to be the quirky,Vanna White-esque side-kick on an Mtv Game show,ya know like what Jenny Mcarthy did,but with more weird vintage clothes !!!!

  5. CountryGirl says:

    ANTM, of course, but I would probably be the one voted off for lack of personality (I am a bit shy in front of the camera and too smart to be a dumbass) or not quite tall enough or not quite tone enough. I wouldn’ t cry when they cut my hair though or gave me a crappy weave and my walk is fierce!

    Also, Freaks and Geeks, Lindsay Weir and I would so be bffs until I got with James Franco.

  6. molly says:

    does it have to be one of those choices?
    because id love to be on ‘seinfeld’ and i think i would completely fit in

    uhh…thats not a bad thing, right?

  7. Thanks for the compliment on my blog, I happen to like yours as well!

    And about Us Weekly, they’re like all other magazines and force people to hold extraordinarily uncomfortable positions to look semi-perfect. I mean try posing for a Maxim shoot- those girls look like they’re in pain!

  8. andy says:

    I want to be on Spaced, because a) all they do is hang around at home smoking weed and b) any of my little quirks would seem totally negligible compared to the level of paranoia that prevails in that household.

    Either that or Nightrider. I could be Michael’s fiendishly intelligent yet dashingly suave English hacker. They didn’t have computers back then (well, except for Kitt, but he was clearly just a dude hiding under the dashboard) but if it were to take place in the here and now, Michael would need some sophisticated skills in the interweb department. Kinda like Marshall (from Alias) meets the nerds from X-Files meets James Bond. That could be me.

  9. sara says:

    I would probably choose Ugly Betty too, because I want to line in NYU so badly, and work in a magazine (or walstreet, I haven’t decided). Though I don’t have any trans gender people I know.

    I think Ricky looks really good, but you’re right she does look strange sucking it in so much.

    congrats on the contest win

    x sara o

  10. jayne says:

    wow. i don’t think i ever watch enough TV to answer that question 🙁

    but let me try…

    the OC- hmm well i write comic books for fun, i helped burn down a model home, and i was killed in some dumbass ex-boyfriend roadrage…sounds like me! esp since i’ve never been to california haha

    grey’s anatomy- yep i had a kid at 16 who now has lukemia, i have a thing for ferry boats, and i refer to it as a va-jay-jay….umm yea sure 😉

    and as much as i love scrubs, the only way that would work is if i were in JD’s head, because it just seems so fun and/or psycho in there, otherwise crazy medical dramedys are just too intense

    Now for real:

    Where I’d fit:
    does anyone remember the cute amanda bynes WB show- what i like about you? i could totally be friends w/ type-A val and holly always cute guys hanging around her (henry, ben, vince…), so i wouldn’t mind “befriending” them also, plus how cool would it be to own a cupcake store yum!

    Where I’d Want to Be:
    The Tudors. You know back in the day, Henry VIII used to be hot, before he got all fat from that jousting wound, but hey the show takes place before the wound, so it’s all good. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hot. But so is the supporting cast (Charles Brandon played by Henry Cavill…..omfg!). The whole idea of the English Court was Sex, because who gives a crap about politics, really? well i suppose the sex was politics, although the only disadvantage would be:
    1- the tight and drab gowns
    2- henry’s temper
    3- (kinda a subpoint of 2) avoiding being beheaded

    still, kinda sounds like fun and definitely challenging. thats where i’d be…;-) haha

  11. I love Grey’s Anatomy, I would like to be Meredith Grey, and date that handsome doctor she dates!

  12. emma says:

    oh, dude, i would TOTALLY be on 30 rock. and it is NOOOOT canceled.
    i would also like to be on a spanish telenovela, just for fun.
    and i would also like to be on law + order, and scrubs. but my greatest dream is to be on saturday night live or at least write for it.
    and yes i *recieved* er, BOUGHT my us weekly and was freaked out by ricki.

  13. seb says:

    Shoot, that’s a great question, I don’t watch enough tv’s shows though… by default probably Seinfeld, but everyone on that show is obsessed with little ridiculous things (which is fun but I’m not really like that…).

  14. Crazy Eddie says:

    Will and Grace. I lurved that show beyond belief. Not because I’m a big raging homo and not because I’m predisposed to like it… I loved it because it was fucking hysterical and I connected with each and every character on the show. I’m so giddy that you chose it… let alone realizing that you would’ve played Karen’s sister. Fab.

    I guess I would choose Will and Grace also. I find that I would’ve been perfect on the show. If Jack and Will merged into one entity, that my dear would’ve been me…

    Maybe I should choose the exquisite Rescue Me. This show is my new favorite and I can’t wait for the new season to start again. I’m totally in love with the Spanish dude on the show and feel that I should have played that character… not that I’m in lurve with myself you know…


    Besos para siempre…

  15. OMG, I would so love to be on Arrested Development. I loved that show so much, so underrated and cancelled too prematurely.

    I would have loved to be on Queer as Folk. Seriously one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME.

    Or Degrassi.

    Shit, tough call.

    Thanks Alex. Thanks alot!

  16. Hey Alex! Wanted to give a shout-out on your blog! Congrats again for the contest win and thanks for your input! It’ll be going in the fourth book with a proper acknowledgment.

    Can’t wait to read your book!

    Marley = )

  17. emma says:

    also, agree w/crazy eddie, i would frickin’ love to be on will & grace. maybe i could be jack’s new hag? and then karen would bitchslap me or something? or get rosario to murder me?

    and i’m sorry I keep taunting you with the levian cookies, i know you’re saving yourself for your wedding. (hee hee, cookie abstinence.)

  18. molly says:

    yeah im always watching seinfeld and going “that’s just what ID do”

    i hope thats not a bad thing haha

  19. oooh, i would be on grey’s anatomy because it is MY LIFE, plus I am george. just hotter (obv).
    I might actually be in Skins but that’s a britis t.v show so I don’t think you would know it.
    and my life isn’t as crazy as all those characters’ lives. but it does bear resemblace… (i wish)

  20. Aaron says:

    Not to repeat what so many others have said, but I would be so at home on Arrested Development. I would hang out with Gob all the time and learn magic tricks.

    Also: that picture of the chick standing over the old lady with the shocky paddles (what’s the technical term?) is hilarious for some reason.

  21. WAT says:

    Hmmm…not sure if I agree about UGLY BETTY having illegal Mexican immigrants. I thought her parents and stuff came here legally and her and her siblings and other family were born here.

    Just being politically correct, sorry!

    Now Rosario, Karen’s maid on WILL & GRACE definitely came in illegally, and had to marry Jack and…

    Well, you know by now.

  22. Meg says:

    I’d be on The Mighty Boosh, if you’ve never seen it, you have to. It’s hilarious. I’m totally bizarre enough to be on it, plus I’m sort of in love with the demented Noel Fielding. We could be demented together.

  23. Celise says:

    Wow. That’s really a hard one. I’m thinking the best place I would fit in would be Smallville. As Chloe’s new friend at the Daily Planet because of the whole writing thing. Yeah. Journalism is something I never wanted to do, but I have to do it to pay the bills. Although reporters don’t make that much anyway, so…

    As for the first part of the question, I totally would’ve loved being on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Angel”.

  24. I’d have to be on Denis Leary’s short-lived NYC cop show, but I can’t remember what it was. The best episode was when he had the mayors 12 year old daughter on a ride along–he wasn’t happy abou this–so she could do a story for her school paper. He told her that he regularly planted evidence, shot unarmed innocent people (less dangerous than shooting armed criminals), and took as many bribes as he could get. Not true of course–he should have told her the truth: he was just a chainsmoking, pillpopping, drunken bum who sometimes got in trouble becuase he would have his wife and girlfriend on the mobile phone at the same time and would forget which which.

    Or, I’d like to be on Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. My wife tells me I’m a little too much like Larry sometimes.

  25. NomadGirl says:

    I would be Scully on the X-Files because I would know how to get Mulder in bed–“Oh, Foxy…I have an X-Rated version of the Bigfoot tape and a giant sumthin’ sumthin’!” I cannot think of a show I would be more compatible with….ahhh…just me and my freaky-deaky homies!

  26. alex says:

    well im kind of tied for like 47 different shows right now. degrassi as an emma-kind-of-person, on will and grace as jack’s new best buddie (toodles Karen), or on scrubs, as a doctor (GASP!) with some sort of chrinic disease, or maybe i could be in the fresh prince of bel air, as the annoying white girl with no life, so she hangs out with will and all of them 24/7………….

    oh the possibilities!!!

  27. pins&needles says:

    There’s lots to relate here, but I love 30 Rock. I’d definately be Tina Fey except with all the horrible men/ relationship problems she has.

  28. jessica says:

    hey, are you aware that i described your personality to someone who dosen’t know you (don’t remember who), as a cross between karen walker and jeneane garafalo??

  29. !!!!! says:

    everytime i see that picture of rikki as skinny, i always think it’s sarah jessica parker.

    then i vomit a little.

    she’ll be a fat ass again in three months.

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