I just learned that word and I love it.
Andy and I babysat for this little cutie the other day.
echo baby
Who do you think she likes better? 🙂 I’ve never been a good babysitter. I read all the Babysitter’s Club books when I was in junior high and they were awesome. Especially Claudia and Stacy. But in real life… Once I tried to teach a summer acting class for the kids in my neighborhood, but they wouldn’t listen to a word I said, so I burst out crying. They all stared at me with these wide eyes and gaping mouthes—I probably scared the shit out of those cute little 5 year olds!

Baby’s are so in right now. Who needs a mini chihuahua when you could have your own BOJ (bundle of joy). Okay, of our latest baby making contestants, who do we think is going to have the cutest baby?
Okay, I’m not going to lie, it’s a little creepy that Keisha Castle-Hughes, the 16 year old girl from Whale Rider, is pregnant, but maybe they do things differently over in New Zealand. She’s pretty in an exotic way though. The baby will probably be cute.

Baby Spice is pregnant! She’s so blonde and adorable, surely she’ll have an equally smiley/happy BOJ.

Another baby for my favorite Pretty Woman, I mean Julia Roberts. Oh, and her husband, too! Her twins are super cute, in a very low key/hippie way, so this little boy will probably be adorable too, right?

Pregnant Betty–aka Salma Hayek–is going to have one muy caliente muchacho! Creo que si, es verdad! Ay ay ay!!

Okay. It’s true… I don’t think Noel Gallagher is the most attractive man on the planet. But his girlfriend is sexy so the kid will probably be fine… EXCEPT: Noel wants to name the baby Chutney or Gizmo. Uh… good luck with “all that.”

Um, Duh. Of course Naomi Watts is going to have a cute baby.

But all babies are cute, right? I mean, check this out!! (Okay, at first glance it looks like I’m dead. But I’m not. We’re napping together. Awww.)

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21 Responses to Babyrazzi

  1. andy says:

    What’s wrong with calling your kid chutney? That’s what I’m going to do.

  2. you do look dead in that picture…lol.

    Babies are a hot accessory right now, luckily I am bucking the trend and not going for it.

    one time I babysat a family of brats (I was like 13) and the little girl took off her clothes and refused to put them back on, I was mortified.

    also doing Professional theater drained the love of little ones out of me, the damn theater kids……grrr.

  3. Melissa Jauregui says:

    Hopefully Noel Gallager’s baby will get mom’s eyebrows.

  4. WAT says:

    All babies are pretty cute…until they grow up to be adults! ARGH!



  5. emma says:

    god, i am such a cliche of estrogen…the minute i saw that little child my heart went all gushy and mushy and “aww, cute baby” and whatnot.
    and i didn’t know erin brockovich…um, julia roberts…was preggo again!
    i also sometimes just refer to celebs by their most famous roles- for example, i only call chinnifer maniston “rachel greene”. and zach braff is “jd” to me.

  6. sara says:

    Yeah it’s defiantly a little creepy that Keisha Castle-Hughes is pregnant, but I guess i shouldn’t be judging. Baby spice for sure will have an adorable BOJ. And where have I been?
    I had no idea Salma Hayek was having a baby defiantly will by muy caliente. Wasn’t baby chutney on Ugly Betty?

    x sara o

  7. Crazy Eddie says:

    Holy Macaroni. That baby is absolutely adorable. I’m not one for babies of that age (too messy and they all smell too cute… it almost makes my penis recoil and turn into a vagina), but this one has that face… that certain baby charm…

    You look pooped in that last pic…. pooped, or like you said, dead. LOL.

    Didn’t know you were into acting. I once auditioned for a commercial and they told me that I was too “URBAN” for the role. I later told them to go eff themselves in the rear.


  8. L. says:

    Yeah the fact that Keisha Castle-Hughes is pregnant at sixteen shocked pretty much everyone, I mean don’t get me wrong, New Zealanders are, well, different but still everyone was like… What??? Pretty random.

    Also, I can’t believe that Rilo Kiley broke up.. I am absolutely devastated. When, why and how?

  9. Alexa says:


    Sorry. I like babies. But I don’t want any of my own just yet, so that only got one W in Awwww!

    Damnit. There it is. Yeah, babies are cute. THERE I SAID IT.


    I changed my blog’s URL…

  10. sophie says:

    how i totally miss the spice girls. they were cool. and emma’s pregnant? thats news to me. ..
    so, anyways, the babysitters club. loved it. and stacey? she was the best in the series. and then i stopped reading them because they got repeditive and boring.
    you have a book coming out in july? that is soo cool. i’ll see if i can find it when it comes out. do you have anything else published?

  11. alex says:

    babies babies babies.
    awwwww! (just had to get that one out of the way)

    the second picture of the baby is so CUTE!

    babies babies babies!

    *giggles uncontrollably*

  12. “it almost makes my penis recoil and turn into a vagina…”

    Best line ever.

    You are clearly the favorite baby holder. I love babies too, I hope I have a cute one. Not one with a unibrow like Gallager. Shit.

  13. jessica says:

    well, you know my position on babies. they’re my thing, as they say. i could give you some pointers… but looks like you’re getting the hang of it! hey, how about we each have one at the same time, and then hang out and drink martinis, take xanax and ignore the kids like they did in the 50’s?!

  14. molly g. says:

    those pictures are so sweet!!!
    +molly g.+

  15. You forgot yourself on that list, bride-to-be, sweet sweet baby.

  16. emma says:

    re. levian bakery cookies- yes i am single, therefore i can be as fat and unattractive as i like! hahahaha! jealous?
    you know, it’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds.
    i DO have a flighty little relationship with two sexy, gorgeous men going on right now.
    they’re chocolatey-good, totally rich, and chock full o’nuts and balls.
    sour balls, i mean.
    their names are ben and jerry. kind of had you in the nick of suspense there, didn’t i?
    yes that is the oldest joke in the world, but screw it.

  17. S. says:

    That picture of you and bebe napping is adorable!

  18. Glam Girl G says:

    Alex, very sweet pix of you and that adorable baby. Looks like you are a natural. As a new g’ma, I have to say I think its such an awesome feeling holding a little baby…

  19. You sleeping with the baby is so sweet! Great post!

  20. jenna says:

    woah. Castle-Hughes is preggie? why did I not hear about this before!!!

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