It’s funky, and I can groooove to it.

airHas anyone heard the new AIR album? Cuz it’s freaking awesome. — I LOVE AIR! If I could marry a band, it would be Air. My favorite album is Talkie Walkie (no disrespect to Virgin Suicides or Moon Safari). Ooh, but their new album, Pocket Symphony is pretty brilliant, too. Okay, so I’ve only listened to it a few times, but I love it. They are the kings of electronic mood music. To steal a quote from “… this is an extremely introspective and atmospheric album.”
I wish I could hire them to do the soundtrack to my life. Calm down, Alex.
PS-cool album cover.

dean&brittaYay! I just got the new Dean & Britta album through amazon. It rocks. Most people don’t know who they are, and if you don’t, you should. Andy got me into the band Luna a few years ago (we even saw them live once or twice and they were frigging amazing). Anyway, Back Numbers is the 2nd solo project for Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, of Luna. The album is beautiful, electronic, space-agey pop, with awesome guitar and keyboard stuff, and Britta’s gorgeous voice (plus, she’s so beautiful, I want to gag.)
SIDE NOTE: for anyone who remembers the 80’s cartoon JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS, Britta Phillips was the singing voice of Jem—Truly outrageous!!

modest mouseThe new Modest Mouse album came out today. It’s called We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, which is kind of an amazing title. I can’t really say anything about it cuz I haven’t heard it yet, and it only got 3 out of 5 stars on allmusic review, but I like them. They’re quirky and they know how to rock a good beat. I bet the new album’s pretty good. Catchy, at least.

amyAmy Winehouse. Thoughts? Opinions? I think her voice is amazing–it sounds like she could be smoking cigarettes while singing–but I’ve only heard the one song (you know, the one she sings with Ghostface Killah).

Joss Stone. (…sound of crickets.) Do I live under a rock? Cuz I’ve heard her name, but I have no idea who she is. Sorry Joss. No disrespect.

shins And lastly, for anyone who doesn’t already have the new SHINS album, Wincing The Night Away, stop whatever you’re doing and go buy it immediately. It is one of the best albums ever. God, those guys are geniuses! (And they’re from ABQ–big ups to New Mexico!)

shoes And on a different note: Patent-leather triple-strap platform Mary Janes by Lanvin. I completely love these. (As you can tell from this blog, pink is my favorite color). Would I have the guts to wear them in public? I don’t know. They also look a little too tall for me… but I still think they’re wicked.

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14 Responses to It’s funky, and I can groooove to it.

  1. touche says:

    and I’m so glad the new MM album is out!!! It’s about time, shesh…..
    haha, I adore those shoes. Quite exquisite.

  2. Brittany says:

    interesting, ill take a listen to all of those (I love the shins and jem)

  3. Lindsey says:

    omg, i love those shoes, too! pink is my favorite color. it is SOOOO girly

  4. emma says:

    ohhh. those shoes.
    yes i have been to levian’s and i had to be PRIED OUT.
    i heart jem.
    i think joss is like a hippie chick but i am not entirely sure.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I’ve had Dean & Britta’s “you turned my head around” and “say goodnight” on heavy rotation lately… I loved finding out she was the voice of Jem! 🙂

  6. Crazy Eddie says:

    Amy Winehouse is my bish. I love everything about that train wreck and my lust for her goes beyond words. The reason her lyrics and her style are amazing is because she’s troubled and scarred. You can hear it through the rasp in her voice… it has true soul. I have both her albums and I love them all. If I weren’t gay, I’d track her down and propose…

    Love your profile pic. You look sly and sexy at the same time…


  7. S. says:

    Oh my! I have a pair of black patent shoes like that. Even though I thought they were kind of dominatrix bad when I saw them I bought them. If you finesse them with the right outfit, they don’t look tacky.

    I wore them with skinny jeans, a lady like blouse and a cropped persian lamb jacket. Sooo many compliments.

  8. I’m SO out of it musically, I’ve never heard of any of these people except Joss Stone, isn’t that funny? Love the shoes!


  9. andy says:

    Thanks for getting those albums. I thin Dean & Britta would have a beautiful baby… although it might look like a retro-future heroine addict! Ooops!

    That Shins album should probably just be declared album of the year, even though it only came out in January! It’s wicked.

    Joss Stone is UK-ish apparently. I haven’t heard her music either but I did read she’s shaken off her accent in order to appeal to Americans.

    Silly Americans!

  10. jessica says:

    you are a little too cool for me musically, so i can’t comment on most of that, except i do have the new shins. v. good indeed. and planning on getting modest mouse. never thought i’d hear you say big up to n.m., however! you could definetely get away with the shoes! do it.

  11. I LOVE Air!!!!!! So cool ,I didn’t realize they had a new album,must get it post haste!!! I love those shoes too,and why not wear them? Thanx for visiting the Pagoda!

  12. Awesome artists. Modest Mouse has been playing non-stop on my ipod for the past million years.

    Oh and the shoes.

  13. Modern Marie says:

    good taste in music!

  14. faith says:

    The new modest mouse is off the chain, as is amy winehouse (ps that mean they are good, lol) cant say anything bout joss’s album though…cant even make my self buy the thing. but i bought m.m. and amy’s at the same time, 2 days ago, i was soooo excited about both!!!
    (from myspace)

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