Best and Worst @ the Oscars

Lets see…
Jennifer HudsonWTF was up with Jennifer Hudson’s gold jacket? Thank goodness she took it off when she got inside. It was like some seventies-disco-vampire cloak. Don’t think she should have won, but hey, we all knew she was going to.

Kirsten Dunst
I just think Kirsten Dunst is so adorable. The dress was strange, but I actually kind of liked it from the knees up (not sure what the deal was with those feathers on the bottom.)

Penelope Cruz I don’t mean to be a bitch, but I think Penelope Cruz is fugly. She looks like a witch. I think the lack o’ bangs made her face looked too harsh. But her dress was totally beautiful (in an OTT kind of way).

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow looked uh-mazing. The dress was really unique and flattering, and her hair is gorgeous. (check out the psycho blonde in the background. Yikes!)

BeyonceWhat was up with Beyonce’s dress? The leg slit and the neckline jewels were, uh, interesting.

Rinko Kikuchi
Still haven’t seen Babel, but Rinko Kikuchi is uh-dorable. (And why did they keep cutting to her in the audience? The girl doesn’t speak english!)

J LoAm I the only one who liked J Lo’s dress? Who else could (or would even attempt to) pull that off? I wonder how heavy that thing was…

Forrest Whitaker How amazing is Forrest Whitaker? I love him. (Okay, so I haven’t seen Last King of Scotland yet, but he’s brilliant in Ghost Dog.) And his wife is HOTTT!

Jessica BielLook at Jessica Biel’s left boob! Can someone tell me if I like this dress or not? Cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t.

gael & diego
And how adorable were they?

And my favorite line, I think, was John C. Reily:
“I chose to be in both Boogie AND Talladega Nights.”

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3 Responses to Best and Worst @ the Oscars

  1. Dona says:

    Hey Alex!

    I totally agree with you…I hated JenHud’s little jacket, but the dress was gorgeous…same with Penelope..her hair was insane, but the dress? Ah-ma-zing!

    I also loved Nicole Kidman’s dress even though it had that huge bubble in the neck 🙂

  2. jessica says:

    I loooove to hate gwenyth. and penelope does look like a witch. and how long have you lived in america? the accent is no longer cute.

  3. Lisa Asanuma says:

    I liked J Lo’s dress, too! Very Grecian… or… something.

    I agree on most of these…

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