Poll results: Who should play you in the movie version of your life?

JULIE F: Dolly Parton, obviously.

ANDY: Daniel Craig, after a Christian-Bale-in-the-Machinist-esque de-muscle-ification program.

PATRICK: Larry David. “Incest? With your step-father. Does that count?”. Genius.

ERIK: Divine

HEATH: George Cloony

AMY: Disney’s Pocahantas’ fat cousin.

NICK C: I don’t know, but I should play Nicolas Cage in his biopic!

DAD: For me, it’s a tough call between Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart, if we’re using the entire range of the movie era. If it’s being done today, let me think…..George Clooney? Morgan Freeman in whiteface? I guess I’d have to go with Johnny Depp.

WENDY: Drew Barrymore

ADAM: Johnny Depp after a particularly nasty bender, but before the rehab. He should try, if possible, to refrain from shitting for 3 days in order to properly mimic my typical facial expression.

DAVE S: i don’t know who would play me in the movie. i quickly searched “movie star ginger” to see if any humorous possibilities might show up and i was given a choice between Ginger Rogers and 3,000 porn stars. tough call.

ALEX H: Steve Buscemi–dude needs a leading role.

INDIA: Hmmm…if she were alive, I’d say Ava Gardner, but as for someone alive…I guess I’ll go with Ione Sky (people used to tell me I looked like her, who the hell knows!?!)

GABE: Jeff Goldblum and Harold Ramis’ love child

CAITLIN: Audrey Hepburn

RACHEL: Who else but Myself! Is that conceited? Ok, alright, if I had to cast a well known… I would cast Mila Jovavich (she probably would not work with me, because I cannot spell her name correctly! Besides, I’m less expensive…..)

TAD: Peter O’Toole

MOM: If I were choosing someone from the past I’d pick Kate Hepburn, but from now maybe I’d have to go with Cate Blanchett (she has a good range, she looks good with all colors of hair, and I think they’d age her well, AND she’d look good bald for the chemo scenes.)

STEVE W: Jack Black. He’s fat and likes bad music, if he grew a beard he could be me, but cool.

ME: Linda Carter/Wonder Woman.

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