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Poll topic: What’s your theme music?

I know it’s not the most original question, but I got some really good responses. Add yours if you haven’t already… Me: A Better Son/Daughter – Rilo Kiley (this song makes me feel like a badass.) Andy: My theme music … Continue reading

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Enough with the Rom-Com’s already.

We went to the movies this afternoon to see ‘For Your Consideration’ (new Chris Guest movie. I didn’t love it), but it was the previews that really got me. I’m not saying I don’t like previews. How else am I … Continue reading


Veronica Mars

I’m happy to announce that my absolute favorite show, Veronica Mars, has been picked up for a full season. For those of you who aren’t already obsessed, you should rent/Netflix seasons 1 & 2 immediately. The dialogue is so snappy … Continue reading

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Today’s top 5

Zach Galifianakis. We saw him at this benefit last week and I was in tears. (happy, funny tears). Diet Coke. Little black dresses. (I had to seriously restrain myself at Bloomingdales today.) Wikipedia. Is there anything they don’t know?! Knitting. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Movie Place

After 23 years, the best video store ever, The Movie Place, is going out of business. I learned this one evening when I went to–you guessed it–rent a movie. (I stupidly chose the new Lindsey Lohan flick, but I won’t … Continue reading

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Another Top 5

Borat. Okay, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m dying to. Tofutti Cuties. (only 120 calories!) Take a quiz to find out what your favorite flavor is! Anything by Lola Brown on Calamity News. Nail polish colors. Unicorns …just … Continue reading


Today’s top 5

Allmusic — bands, albums, bios. I practically live on this site. Peep Show — amazing British sitcom introduced to us by Simon Hemmings. My bed — on a homemade 5-foot high platform. I’m like the princess and the pea and … Continue reading


Poll topic: Who is your favorite Villain?

I luv to take polls. Call it inspirational, call it procrastination, call it whatever you want. So… Who’s your favorite villain? Personally, I’d have to go with Bob from Twin Peaks, because that guy scares the s**t out of me … Continue reading

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